Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First World Middelaged Arms

 Last saturday, I was thrilled to receive a Hard Copy of  the previous week's New York Times Style Section from The Ex-School Nurse who had freshly returned from The Large Apple. She especially saved it for me because in it were plenty of Bill Cunningham photos which he took at some Big Gala Event that I would have ached to go to & Ex-SN knows what a big fan I am of Bill who is in his eighties.
Actually, I'm a Big Fan of anyone older than me who is:
1. Still Working & loving it.
2. Still has Working Brain.
3. Remembers to Wash Regularly.
4. Not in Nursing Home.

Over a bowl of Dill Infused Canned Tuna, I devoured the whole Style Section from cover to cover.
I particularly pounced on an article that looked like it was going to be about Michelle Obama's Arms, one of my absolute favourite topics.
Sadly, it wasn't .
 It was really  about  a Middleaged Journalist  complaining about the Saggy State of her arms & blaming Michelle & Her Magnificent Arms for the recent trend in Going Armless. Or perhaps the correct term is Going Sleeveless.
I personally haven't noticed this trend but I must admit that I do take the opportunity, weather permitting, to Go Sleeveless as much as possible. I like to think of it as a little prize for going to cboot camp every week & boxing myself into a frenzy. Not to mention all the Downward Dogs & Planks I try to do at the gym as well.
God, I sound amazing.

But then as Synchronicity would have it, I looked at last friday's Classroom Wardrobe Photo & noticed my arms. I was shocked. Perhaps even fascinated. You can see them for yourself in the first photo. They are definitely NOT saggy, but they seem to be Strangely Bulbous.
But rather than whine about it, I decided to come up with A Solution.
I hope you like it.


Rebecca said...

What a GREAT solution!

And while you're on the subject, I qualify on the #4 point. The other 3 I'm a little foggy about - 'cept that I AM "working" on #2 & #3 and the second part of #1.

Maybe one day you can be a Big Fan of me! (Oh, and I AM older than you.)

Now to go to work proving I'm not a robot. THIS gets harder and harder everyday. Hoping that the third time is a charm on this particular challenge.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Rebecca ! Of course I am a fan of yours!

I'm wondering about this robot thing. Perhaps I should contact blogger over this issue.
Have a great day

see you there! said...

I'd be wearing the jacket. Good for you for doing all the work out tho, you can hang onto the sleeveless look for awhile it seems.

Darla (who hates the robot too)

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Darla. I do like Going Sleeveless!