Monday, June 30, 2008

Not a Footballers Wife or Partner

I'm off to LA tomorrow morning. Today was partly spent solving Complex Wardrobe Dilemmas, spending at least part of the day trying to pack. I found it hard to pack for a Heatwave when I was dressed in winter woolies. Mind you, I didn't really need to rug up much because of our Globally Warmed Winter.
I made a final trip to my favourite thrift shop, 'Beatniks & Bohemians' ( I was just about to call it 'Bedknobs & Broomsticks) for a couple of weeks & purchased a few items to take with me, including the palm tree tee shirt, pictured above. I also bought an animal print top with pink sparkles that has a 'Footballers Wives' feel to it. For those unfamiliar with this term, 'FWPS' (Footballer Wives & Partners) are a special brand of flashy female who go for footballers. They love Big Statement outfits, hair extensions & always wear g string undies.
Oh, I've just been corrected by Mr. Middleaged who tells me that Footballers Wives are not called FWPs (where did I get that from?) but WAGs which means Wives & Girlfriends.
Glad we cleared that one up then. What a relief.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Purpose of Going to LA

Bay Side to Mountain side has kindly asked the purpose of my intended trip to LA. It's to visit my best friend Marge who I have known since we were nine. She is a fellow Australian & has lived in the US for at least fifteen years without a trace of an American accent. Even though I was only there in January, I'm going again. I need to get more of her much-needed Ageing Advice as well as be driven along the '101', shop at H&M, Forever 21 & Anthropologie. Oh, I just remembered that I've made a sort of commitment not to buy any more Landfill Clothes, Maybe I can just 'Visit' those places & not actually buy anything. Or maybe I can just buy a few accessories there. They usually last as opposed to the clothes that hardly make it through the first wash.
It's hard Trying to Shop Ethically when You're a Mindless Spendthrift who relies on Shopping to Alleviate The Pain of Life.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mum at Sea

Modern Travel just doesn't compare to Old Travel. Just imagine being tucked up in some cozy bed on an ocean liner with some poor servant dressed as a Nurse bringing you in a huge tray of breakfast with Doting Dadhusband looking on admiringly. I'm imagining that this Lady is recovering from a Nervous Breakdown or some other Trauma & that's why she SO deserves this trip.
Of course, there's no doubt that I Deserve My Upcoming Trip to the US.
Mr Middleaged spent half of his Frequent Flyer Points getting me there & back in Business Class. And he got it at the very last minute. Most of the time you have to book a year in advance to use your points, but God, or The Gods or The Goddesses or the whole lot of them put together must have been smiling down on me last week when he booked it.
I won't have my own Fabulously Appointed Stateroom but at least I'll be able to Lie Flat.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The World's Oldest Supermodel

I'm very fond of The World's Oldest Supermodel. Her name is Carmen dell'Orifice & I think she's 76. Carmen's been strutting her stuff on the pages of fashion mags since probably before I was born, which is a helluva long time.
I've only been really aware of her over the last couple of years, as I think she's recently developed a slightly higher profile due to her Novelty Status as an Aged Model, which is almost a contradiction in terms these days.
I haven't been interested in models since Twiggy & Jean Shrimpton & I didn't give a toss about the eighties versions - you know: Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Linda etc. In fact, I think they were the first lot who were called 'Supermodels'. I remember when there was all that fuss about Linda saying she wouldn't get out of bed for under $10,000 a day. I wouldn't either if that's what I was used to getting paid.
I must say that they all still look pretty good & I do take prurient delight in occasionally reading about Naomi's Anger Management Issues. I used to be a bit of a Public Tanty Thrower myself, so I can understand.
I can't believe how far off the topic I've strayed. If this was an essay I was correcting, I'd be scrawling 'Irrelevant' all over it.
Back to The World's Oldest Supermodel.
Here's a painting I did of her last year as a Human Sea Shell. And here she is on the cover of a fifties 'Vogue' & as a Wonderfully Aged Person. And then there's Me, being Her.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Are They Now?

It's late at night, & I'm celebrating the beginning of my Well-Deserved Holidays by Staying Up & blogging. Anyway, I'm far too excited to sleep.
Excited & irritated. I'm irritated because I've been trying to upload a video from utube but it keeps on saying there's an error.
How dare they?
So now I've turned my attention to something else entirely.
Lately I've been collecting pictures of old 'Seventeen' magazine covers from the late sixties. As a teenager, I would buy 'Seventeen' every month & devour all the pictures of 'Real Life' American girls & feel really lousy & ripped off that I didn't look like that or have their fabulous lives or that I lived in a Shoe Box.
You can imagine my intense joy when I recently discovered this wonderful cover from 1970. It features two perky college students who really look Everything I Wasn't Back Then - smiling, clean, poised, popular & THIN. It all came flooding back to me.
But after staring hard at the cover for probably hours, I suddenly recognised The Toothy One. Wasn't she one of those NY social x-ray types who always feature in 'Social Diary' pages of mags like 'W'? Of course, it's Jameeeeee Gregory.
Jamee is now a philanthropist, writer of a book on NY apartments & a fixture on the NY social circuit.
It wasn't hard to find a million current pictures of Jamee attending the Opening of Many Envelopes. She looks pretty good really.
Hope she's had a Great Life.

Violence, Betrayal & Humiliation: Just Apply Lip Gloss.

You can see by the rather brazen way I'm applying lip gloss that it's Party Time. Yep, it's the end of term. OH, I know, us teachers are ALWAYS on holidays. When everyone else is slaving at work, we're living a Jetsetter Lifestyle, popping in on the World's Glamour Spots in our private jets. These hols I'm off to LA which is an unexpected trip as I was there in January, when I was on, yes Another Holiday.
I'm standing in front of the remains of my last lesson of the term with my senior class. Each girl had to tell a story from Kindergarten, beginning with me. Of course, I've got a whole range of horrendous Kindergarten Stories because I had a Pre-Vatican 2 Catholic Gothic Education. At the height of the Cold War, Sister M. Rosalia told us eager five year olds that if we weren't good & didn't pray to Our Lady of Lourdes or Fatima, The Russians would come down & drag us from under our beds & possibly kill us. It took me years to get over that one. She also told us that if we wanted to experience the Pain of Hell we should go home that day & turn the gas on the stove & stick our finger under the flame, just for a minute. That would give us an idea what it would be like, in case we were wondering.
Of course I thought that no one could top my stories, but I was wrong.
Stephanie told of a boy who stood on a seat in the playground & on purpose, with everyone watching, jumped on a pigeon & decapitated it. The whole class had to have counselling.
Lizzie admitted that she told her teacher that her cousin had just died when she hadn't. Everyone furiously made Sympathy Cards until the teacher rang her Mum & the truth was exposed.
Just about all the stories were about Violence, Betrayal, Brutality, Humiliation & Scapegoating. Sounds like the stuff of Lear to me. Who said Childhood Was Fun?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nothing If Not Inappropriate

That's me, I'm nothing if not inappropriate. I'm even more inappropriate at present because I'm so excited about going to LA next tuesday for a holiday.
But my close colleague, Trixie Drew, now tells me to get over it & hurry up & get to class.
Back soon after class!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stylish Neighbours

I'm really becoming a pain with my camera. These days I'm rarely without it. Every time I see someone stylish I know in the neighbourhood, I whiningly ask them if I can take their photo. Just about every one says yes, except for one super-stylish lady, Morna, who when I asked her, looked at me as if I'd gone mad, or perhaps madder than usual.
But there were no problems when I asked Fiona & her husband for their photo. They were visiting people who own a lovely dog in my building, & I photographed them outside our rather imposing looking front gates. I think Fiona's husband hasn't cut his hair since 1974. Most people can't grow their hair that long although I think Indian Sadhu's, or Holy Men manage to. Fiona's channelling a slight Doctor Zhivago look with the big coat & wonderful angora turban. I loved the little Magic Medals on her Wild Animal print handbag - little medals of Our Lady of Guadalupe & Our Lady of Fatima.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Hardly Ever Won a Prize

I've been submitting photos to flickr's wardrobe remix since late last year. I can't honestly think why I originally decided to join the group, because there's a part of me that thinks it's a bit nutty & narcissistic. But join I did, with a vengeance.
Since that time it's become an almost daily ritual for me to pose & then post a daily photo. It's become so much a part of my life that I've got one of my students, The Wise Twin trained to take the photo at the end of her class each day. If I've taught her nothing else, she's learned how to take a good portrait.
But like most, if not all things in life, there's a Good Story & a Bad Story. The Good Story is that lots of wonderful people who I've never met look at my wardrobe on flickr & make incredibly kind & lovely comments about whatever I'm wearing that no one in their right mind would say in Real Life. Mr Middleaged might occasionally inquire, 'Dressing for cocktails at 9am again?' or Peter, the local cafe owner might raise his eyebrow & say 'Another THRIFTED outfit today I see', although how the hell would he know? That 's about it. But fellow 'remixers' as we're known, are always incredibly supportive, positive & observant.
The Bad Story is that there is this awful feeling of Competitiveness or Not Good Enoughness or Resentment that gets stirred up inside me at the end of every week when Tricia, 'The Wardrobe-Remixing-Mistress' announces the 'Remixers of the Week' on her blog. Every thursday, but it's friday for me down under, Tricia selects a handful of fabulous people who she thinks has the winning combination of great outfit, attitude & photography. I never Get Picked. And I can almost guarantee that I'll Never Get Picked. Ever.
At the end of the year, Tricia announces her monster, 'Remixers of the Year'. I went into a slight panic the other day when I thought about how I'm going to feel when I inevitably don't get picked in spite of the fact that I will by that time have submitted hundreds of photos in increasingly more complex outfits to the pool.
I'm so enjoying this Enormous Whine. I probably would not be able to Sound So Ungracious in Real Life, or if I did, those around me would quickly say, 'Oh, just Get Over It'. But I've Never gotten over anything in my entire life.
The only consolation I have is that the majority of people never win anything either. Most of us are condemned to sit in the Auditorium of Life enthusiastically clapping those Shiny Winners up the front while secretly Hating Their Guts!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Neighbourhood

In many ways, I'm living a Medieval Life. I live & work in an area that probably spans 300 metres. Every day I get up & roll down the hill to school, a trip that takes six minutes by foot. Along the way, I smile & wave at other locals before stopping at 'Zinc' cafe & getting the same takeaway breakfast that I've had for the past five or so years. Just about everything I need is in this one little area - food, nail artistry, lattes, deluxe thrift shopping, yoga & gym classes etc. etc etc. I have my hair cut as cheaply as I can find, which means that I have to go 'out of the area' to somewhere like 'Just Cuts' which charges $24 with no shampoo or blow dry. But apart from that, oh & the lousy bank, everything is here.
But what's interesting is, that although the area definitely has a 'village' feel to it, it's in the most densely populated square kilometre in Australia, & perhaps the Southern Hemisphere. I love making Large Important Claims like that. But it's true.
My area has super stylish people & shops, homeless people selling 'The Big Issue' which has now gone up to five bucks, many drug-addicts, heaps of boho eccentric types, including filmmakers & artists, & a decreasing number of Old People who die in their tiny apartments & often aren't discovered for weeks & sometimes, months. So it's a real MishMash.
Over the past couple of days, I've been documenting my journey up & down the hill & here's the highlights.
The first picture is a lady in the cafe who I've been admiring for years. I've never spoken to her & wouldn't impose myself , although I'm not too shy to post pictures I've taken of her on the web for the whole world to see. Some one told me she might be a curator, which sounds exotic & feeds my curiosity.
The next one is Elizabeth, a favourite 'Wardrobe Buddy' of mine, who I featured on this blog a number of times. I often see her in the mornings & she loves to pose in her wonderful outfits & 'Prada' bag. Her black 'Armani' shoes are featured next to my fab newly-thrifted YSL vintage flats in the next photo. I'm totally obsessed with these shoes which I bought from the local charity shop, 'Beatniks & Bohemians' & already have plans to make brooches from the buckles when the shoes fall apart.
Jill, the stylish owner of a hugely-popular & well-stocked store, 'Macleay on Manning' looks wonderful in her outfit. I would love to buy the 'Fornesetti' card screen they have for sale at I believe around $100,000, but at this stage I'll have to settle for taking a photo of it & yet another one of my shoes.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nothing If Not Vain

Yesterday, another flickr member asked me questions about my wardrobe obsession - not just the outfits, but why I bother to document them just about every day, how old I was & what is my inspiration. She wanted to include my responses & also pics of the outfits in an article about street fashion for a Polish magazine. Poland, huh? Never been there. I know about the Warsaw Ghetto & the Dead Pope & maybe Polish Salami.
I'm Nothing if Not Vain, so I jumped at the chance to talk about Myself, particularly in Poland. Here's what I said:
Thank you for asking me!
I'll try & answer some of your questions:
About 2 years ago, for some unknown reason I began having my photo taken at the school where I work. I am an artist as well as a teacher, & I probably thought at the time that it would be fun to document my daily outfits for a whole school term & maybe eventually turn this little project into some kind of art work. Any teacher who was around at the time & was willing, would take my photo inside our staffroom. The Daily Photo became a bit of a joke.
Since that time, it's taken on a life of it's own. The project has moved to the classroom & one particular student takes the photo every day at the end of class with me posing next to the whiteboard.
I've always been interested in 'street fashion' even as far back as the seventies & in more recent times I fell in love with the Japanese 'Fruits' books. But there weren't many other books like those around & magazines weren't that interested in street fashion. It was really frustrating.
So,you can imagine how I felt then, when I finally discovered wardrobe remix late last year! I just couldn't believe that there were all these people on the other side of the world that were doing the same thing as me. I became obsessed! I loved looking at everyone's outfits & even though I'm a lot older than most remixers, I found their individual style very inspiring. A common thread throughout wardrobe remix is the value placed on thrift shopping. Every remixer I admire is a skillful thrifter who manages to look fabulous whilst only spending tiny amounts on their clothes & accessories. I had always bought second hand clothes, but now it's become an addiction!

This addiction is also fuelled by having a wonderful local thrift shop close to my home & work that looks terrible but is actually an Alladin's Cave of wonderful finds. Yesterday, I found a great pair of vintage beige YSL flats for $20.
So I guess my addiction is partly about the thrill of the chase but also about other Global Garbage Concerns. I hate the idea of buying lots of new cheap clothes from China (which is what I was doing at one stage) that I only wear a couple of times before they get thrown out & become landfill. Buying thrifted clothes is Guilt-Free-Shopping!
I just read that the legendary Anna Wintour, the editor of US Vogue is 58 & so I don't mind admitting that I'm 55 & I'm the mother of a beautiful 20 year old red head girl.
I can't bear to think how much I spend on clothes. I don't buy anything new, except cheap shoes at 'Target' sometimes, so I'm not splurging on Big Ticket items. But daily thrift-shopping adds up, like everything else!
I'd love to come up with a really snappy way of describing my wardrobe - you know something like 'Airline Stewardess Meets Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz', but I really can't think of anything.

Oh dear! I just re-read this & I'm afraid I'm suffering from One Too Many Exclamation Mark!!!!! I guess it's my little way of sounding Really Interesting & Gushy & Kittenish. But, maybe It's a Bit Late in the Day for Me to Sound Like This.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Favourite Wardrobe Year

I think my Favourite Wardrobe Year is 1967. Although I spent most of that year in a school uniform, I always hankered after the kind of clothes that Mary Tyler Moore & Marlo Thomas wore. Yesterday's outfit is a vintage Oscar de la Renta that Mr Middleaged bought for me. I'm thinking it's from about that time - I imagine that a rail-thin social x-ray type with Seriously Big Hair & Big Eye Make Up wore it, a kind of blond, patrician Jacqueline Sussan. I had to have it let out about five inches.

Trying to Convince Myself that True Beauty Comes from Within.

I was interested reading Mrs G from Derfwad Manor talking about Fads & Trends. She listed a number of current zeitgeist items such as dark chocolate, yoga & a fabulously well-appointed baby-changing wall unit available at Pottery Barn, sadly not available where I come from. Luckily, I am past the stage when I might need one.
But there was one item on Mrs. G's list that I immediately thought that I might need, in fact I KNEW I needed it - Dr. Perricone's Wrinkle-Spack-Filler.
Lately I've been looking at my face & growing glum at the sight of, what my friend Jenny calls, 'Marionette Lines' - lines spiralling around my mouth & grimly heading down to my chin. I don't want to be pumped up with Botox - my students would look at me even more oddly than they do now, so the good Doctor's creme, which promises Immediate Results sounded just the ticket. The only snag was the price - $100. How could I justify spending so much? What if it was just Snake Oil?
A brief internet search about the effectiveness of any Wrinkle-spack filler left me dazed & confused. There's so much conflicting information & some of the prices quoted made the Doctor's stuff look like a Supermarket Line.
Clearly More Research is needed on my part. In the meantime, I'll keep dipping into my well-stocked larder of great smelling 'Clarins' cremes while trying to convince myself that True Beauty Comes From Within.

Monday, June 16, 2008

No Wonder

I was addicted to reading magazines like 'Seventeen' that ran this ad in the late sixties. No wonder.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Many Happy Campfires

Friday night saw us going to another fundraising dinner silent auction extravaganza. This one was to raise money for a dead Aussie Country Singer Icon called Slim Dusty. Well, actually it was to raise money to set up a Museum in Slim's honour. I had been dreading going as, a. I'm anti-social on friday nights, b. I don't like country music much. Slim Dusty's music has been hugely popular in country Australia, but not with me. As I'm writing this, I feel that I'm being really blasphemous, as if I'm saying something shocking about Mother Teresa or something & at any moment, some avenging angel will crash through the window & strike me down.
But it seems to me that most of Slim's songs are Celebrations of Trucks & Drinking. His most famous song is called, 'The Pub with No Beer', quite a relevant song at the moment because the whole country is in high outrage about new government guidelines that say that more than four standard drinks a day constitutes 'binge drinking.'
I don't want to carry on about drinking, but I do want to mention Weight Loss which is always on my mind. Mr. Middleaged has also become weight obsessed, & in the photo he is showing off his new slimline look. He's only lost about 4kgs - 10 pounds but it's amazing how much difference that can make.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Democratisation of Photography

Ever since I discovered The Digital Revolution, I've been an obsessed photographer. Years ago, when you had to fiddle around with light meters & darkrooms & buy really expensive equipment, I couldn't be bothered. But now anyone can do it. So I guess the Revolution has heralded the Democratization of Photography, which I think is a good thing. My discovery of flickr where I can look at thousands of interesting photos & then post my own, has only fed my addiction. Oh dear, admitting to an addiction! Quelle horreur! I wonder if there's a 12-step programme for Recovering Digital Photographers Who Need to Post Photos On the Internet Everyday? I bet there is.
The above photo was another one of my attempts at taking Sartorialist type street photos featuring stylish people. It was taken at 'Zinc', my local cafe where I buy two lattes & a savoury muffin a day. The owner, Peter knows about my addiction & kindly asked this lovely lady if she minded me taking her photo. I'm always worried that people are going to get angry & say it's an invasion of their precious privacy or accuse me of image theft or something, but so far no one has. In fact, most people quite like being asked.
Anyway I thought this gal & her very bossy dog looked great. I'm not a fan of the Ugg boot, but she's got a whole Urban Cowgirl Deluxe look happening with the denim mini & checked shirt.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Never Fear Being Vulgar, Just Boring"

I've always loved Diana Vreeland, or at least I've loved the Idea of Diana Vreeland. She's the woman in the first photo & also the person who made up the title of today's post - I'm just channelling her!
Magazines are always dragging her & her famous sayings out when they've got nothing to say themselves, which is quite frequently. Probably her most famous saying is 'shocking pink is the navy blue of India' which really isn't as interesting as 'Elegance is Refusal' or 'People who eat White Bread have no dreams'.
I, too, would like to make up a whole lot of Iconic Sayings that years from now people will be sagely nodding their heads over or having a quiet chuckle . God knows I've tried, but usually I end up sounding like an even worse version of Forrest Gump- 'Life's like a box of chocolates, only I'm on a diet'. Lame but sadly true.
Talking of me, here's some more photos of me & my outfits & homemade necklaces worn on the job. Everyday one of my Year 12 students, 'The Wise Twin', takes my photo at the end of class so I can post it on flickr's wardrobe remix. If she's learnt nothing else from me, she's learned how to take a half-decent photo, a skill that will serve her well when she very soon ventures out into the Big Wide World. I've also put a little detail shot of one of my new batch of Endangered Animal Necklaces. Today's one is 'The Lonely Rhino'.
I'd like to think that Diana Vreeland would approve of my outfit, but it's not likely as she's dead. But even if she were alive, I doubt it as she also said, 'What do I think about the way most people dress? Most people are not something one thinks about'.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'At three a.m, it's always the Dark Night of the Soul'

Last night I woke at 2.23 am. Although I laid there with my eyes shut for another four hours, that was basically IT for the night.
Since reaching a Magical Certain Age, I've had many nights like last night.
By now I've learnt not to get too panicky about it, but I must agree with, was it, F. Scott Fitzgerald who said something like 'At three a.m. it's always The Dark Night of the Soul.' I defy anyone to be truly able to think wonderful, exciting, uplifting thoughts at that time of night unless perhaps you were getting married the next day or you're the Dalai Lama or something.
Early this morning, Mr. Middleaged arrived back home from London. He hadn't slept for thirty hours or more because the sleeping pill he took didn't work so he was awake for the entire twenty-four hour flight. Then he went to work.
So did I. Things were going quite well until I caught a glimpse of myself in a particularly unflattering mirror in our staff room. You know how some mirrors regularly show you up as being Years Older than you feel that you truly should look? I was horrified. I'm blaming my aged appearance on Lack of Sleep.
Then I came home & went to this Women on the Web Website that I've started looking at. It's full of Well Known Show Ponies like columnist Liz Smith & Whoopi Goldberg & writer, Joan Juliet Buck looking all glam & talking really serious stuff about Hilary Clinton & other worthy issues rather than Style & celebrity gossip. It's supposed to appeal to Women with Substance. Personally, I find reading about some Mrs Nobody's visit to the Dental Hygienist more interesting & insightful.
One of the 'stars' of the site is an old fave of mine, Candice Bergen. I loved the fact that when she was growing up her 'brother' was her father's ventriloquist's doll. And I loved her as a young girl in 'The Group' & that film with Jack Nicholson that I now can't remember the name. See what lack of sleep does? And I loved her as middle aged 'Murphy Brown'.
Candice is some years older than me. But you wouldn't think that if you compared the two of us in the photos above. While she doesn't exactly look young, it's more that she looks like an Fake Woman. How can these sites pretend to be for Real Women when everyone is air-brushed out of existence?
It's time I went to bed.

Thought for the Day

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Freedom that Wearing Only One Earring Brings.

Lately, I've been making earrings, which is a new thing because I usually make necklaces. I just make one earring because I often wear just one. It's another of my little Wardrobe Quirks, along with no wearing of pants or jeans or shorts for that matter.
I enjoy the freedom that Wearing Only One Earring brings.
Today I thought that everyone in my Year 10 class was totally engaged in a lively discussion about The Nature of Power. We talked about Unseen Power, The Power of Manipulation, The Power of the Non-Speaking Babe & how Knowledge is Power. But then Lottie puts up her hand. 'Ms - do you mind me asking why you only wear one earring?' Others turn to each other & say, 'Yeah, I've been wondering about that too'. I asked for a show of hands of who had been wondering about Me & My One Earring. Eleven out of sixteen girls raised their hands (quite a few were away) The remaining five said they hadn't noticed.
Bianca put up her hand & said she could explain why to the class. She gave an entirely reasonable & logical explanation & then we went back to Power.

Back to the Board

The Not the Queen's Real Birthday Long Weekend is over & I'm back at the whiteboard. It's looking a little fuzzy at the moment. I'm longing to channel the crisp clarity of Our Miss Brooks,another one of my favourite early sit-coms starring yet another one of my favourite Underrated Stars of the Past, Eve Arden. Poor old Eve - she was so fabulous in tiny roles playing World Weary Wise-cracking Women (how's that for alliteration - can't you tell that I've just come from the classroom?) I never felt there was enough of her on the screen. I wonder how she felt about always being pushed aside by Joan Crawford & the Other Dames?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not The Queen's Real Birthday

Fortunately for us in Australia, we celebrate the Queen's Birthday with the annual Queen's Birthday Long Weekend. Of course, it is a ridiculous celebration considering that we're basically a republic but just too lazy to change to one & it's also not the Queen's Real Birthday. But who's complaining?
While Mr. Middleaged is rotting in Europe, I've been staying at our beach house engaged in my usual activities - Frenzied Thrifting, yoga classes, meeting girlfriends, visiting the art gallery, taking photos, reading & watching Agatha Christie adaptations on cable tv & of course eating & blogging.
I've posted some photos that summarise my activities: last night I watched this super-long adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'Why Didn't They Ask Evans?' starring breathtakingly beautiful Francesca Annis. It was the perfect Globally-Warmed-Winter's night's entertainment that was marvellously complemented by drinking a glass of 'Frangelico.
Met my old friends, L& J at The Art Gallery. I persuaded them to pose for the blog, making them laugh because Middle Aged Women often look like Sad Old Crones in photos. I think they look Young & Vibrant which is of course, their Real Selves, not that we're Slaves to Youth, heaven forbid!
We all revealed that our teeth are falling out which is a disgusting thing to write, but sadly true. Thank heavens for fabulously expensive teeth implants & other Miracles of Dentistry. I wonder if Carrie & her pals discuss such things in the the new SATC movie, which I haven't yet seen, but am keen to. Surely after all this time they can't be still talking about blow jobs, can they? Was quite cheered to read that Kim Cattrell turned 50 during filming & still the young girls flock to see them!
My friends both looked great in dark blues & blacks, making me look a little bit like a Patchwork Quilt, or maybe someone who has raided a a charity bin & then piles it all on at once. This may sound a little harsh, but it could be true. I did notice that I was getting some raised eyebrows from Women of a Certain Age whilst at the gallery, but possibly that's my Inflated Ego talking.
The Art Gallery is a favourite destination for Wedding Photographs. This wedding party was a doozy & I couldn't help taking a few snaps myself. They all looked wonderful, but the poor bridesmaids were freezing their arses off. Perhaps they could have worn capes, but maybe that's a bit too Narnia.
The Queen's Birthday is not over yet. I'll get back to you with some more updates.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thought for the Day

Here's a little detail shot from my art studio featuring a cushion with Dorothy's shoes on it & a really cheesy saying. But in my particular case, the cheesy saying is true.