Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back to the Board

The Not the Queen's Real Birthday Long Weekend is over & I'm back at the whiteboard. It's looking a little fuzzy at the moment. I'm longing to channel the crisp clarity of Our Miss Brooks,another one of my favourite early sit-coms starring yet another one of my favourite Underrated Stars of the Past, Eve Arden. Poor old Eve - she was so fabulous in tiny roles playing World Weary Wise-cracking Women (how's that for alliteration - can't you tell that I've just come from the classroom?) I never felt there was enough of her on the screen. I wonder how she felt about always being pushed aside by Joan Crawford & the Other Dames?

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Tessa said...

Just found your blog via "La Belette Rouge." I love it and I love Eve Arden. and Agatha Christie. and Francesca Annis. I haven't read much further (in your blog) but I am as thrilled (to find it) as a bookish fourth-grader on the first day of summer with a stack of Beverly Clearys from the public library.