Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not The Queen's Real Birthday

Fortunately for us in Australia, we celebrate the Queen's Birthday with the annual Queen's Birthday Long Weekend. Of course, it is a ridiculous celebration considering that we're basically a republic but just too lazy to change to one & it's also not the Queen's Real Birthday. But who's complaining?
While Mr. Middleaged is rotting in Europe, I've been staying at our beach house engaged in my usual activities - Frenzied Thrifting, yoga classes, meeting girlfriends, visiting the art gallery, taking photos, reading & watching Agatha Christie adaptations on cable tv & of course eating & blogging.
I've posted some photos that summarise my activities: last night I watched this super-long adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'Why Didn't They Ask Evans?' starring breathtakingly beautiful Francesca Annis. It was the perfect Globally-Warmed-Winter's night's entertainment that was marvellously complemented by drinking a glass of 'Frangelico.
Met my old friends, L& J at The Art Gallery. I persuaded them to pose for the blog, making them laugh because Middle Aged Women often look like Sad Old Crones in photos. I think they look Young & Vibrant which is of course, their Real Selves, not that we're Slaves to Youth, heaven forbid!
We all revealed that our teeth are falling out which is a disgusting thing to write, but sadly true. Thank heavens for fabulously expensive teeth implants & other Miracles of Dentistry. I wonder if Carrie & her pals discuss such things in the the new SATC movie, which I haven't yet seen, but am keen to. Surely after all this time they can't be still talking about blow jobs, can they? Was quite cheered to read that Kim Cattrell turned 50 during filming & still the young girls flock to see them!
My friends both looked great in dark blues & blacks, making me look a little bit like a Patchwork Quilt, or maybe someone who has raided a a charity bin & then piles it all on at once. This may sound a little harsh, but it could be true. I did notice that I was getting some raised eyebrows from Women of a Certain Age whilst at the gallery, but possibly that's my Inflated Ego talking.
The Art Gallery is a favourite destination for Wedding Photographs. This wedding party was a doozy & I couldn't help taking a few snaps myself. They all looked wonderful, but the poor bridesmaids were freezing their arses off. Perhaps they could have worn capes, but maybe that's a bit too Narnia.
The Queen's Birthday is not over yet. I'll get back to you with some more updates.


see you there! said...

Any excuse for along weekend, birthday or not. Looks like you had fun.


Mrs. G. said...

I'm with Darla-a holiday is a holiday. I saw the SATC movie and there was no discussion of teeth falling out dreams (I've had many)-I hesitate to tell you that the movie didn't address such deep issues-fun, but shallow...very, very shallow.