Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Are They Now?

It's late at night, & I'm celebrating the beginning of my Well-Deserved Holidays by Staying Up & blogging. Anyway, I'm far too excited to sleep.
Excited & irritated. I'm irritated because I've been trying to upload a video from utube but it keeps on saying there's an error.
How dare they?
So now I've turned my attention to something else entirely.
Lately I've been collecting pictures of old 'Seventeen' magazine covers from the late sixties. As a teenager, I would buy 'Seventeen' every month & devour all the pictures of 'Real Life' American girls & feel really lousy & ripped off that I didn't look like that or have their fabulous lives or that I lived in a Shoe Box.
You can imagine my intense joy when I recently discovered this wonderful cover from 1970. It features two perky college students who really look Everything I Wasn't Back Then - smiling, clean, poised, popular & THIN. It all came flooding back to me.
But after staring hard at the cover for probably hours, I suddenly recognised The Toothy One. Wasn't she one of those NY social x-ray types who always feature in 'Social Diary' pages of mags like 'W'? Of course, it's Jameeeeee Gregory.
Jamee is now a philanthropist, writer of a book on NY apartments & a fixture on the NY social circuit.
It wasn't hard to find a million current pictures of Jamee attending the Opening of Many Envelopes. She looks pretty good really.
Hope she's had a Great Life.


IRENE said...

I used to read Seventeen in the '80s. How perfectly groomed everyone looked, indeed! Yes, what happened to those girls? I do hope thay had a good (great!) life.
As Greek folktales end: "They lived well and we lived better!"

margaret said...

oh yes, the years of being in thrall to the pages of Seventeen! It was always a tossup between Seventeen and Glamour, both full of The [unattainable] Good Life ... and did those aspiratons leave deep scars, or was something else happening under all that surface?