Monday, June 2, 2008

Gushing All Over the Stars

On Saturday night, Mr. Middleaged & I atttended a charity art auction dinner at The Art Gallery. Famous old rock stars were going to be there, including my perhaps, all time favourite, Neil Finn. On the way in the car, I mentioned my plans to have a photo taken with Neil & he replied, 'Whatever you do, don't GUSH all over him'. For the remainder of the trip I sat there seething, rehearsing the gushiest things I could think of to say.
Having a slight argument before attending a function rarely sets you up well for a night out, but somehow we managed to get over it before we entered the building. Must be our Middleagedness, because in times past it would have been a disaster.
I'm always disappointed when I see what people wear to these things. I want everyone to dress up like it's the Academy Awards, 1958.
This time it was the usual Sea of Black, interspersed with a few quirky types dressed for an Eighties Night or maybe Casual Friday. Actually, I know I'm mean, probably a leftover from being told not to be gushy. The photos tell a different story. Here's me, probably looking more like a Tarot Card Reader than I'd like to look, wearing a range of plums & caramels & muppets. I'm with a fab Merchandising Girl, Clare, who also works at my school. Then, I'm gushing all over Aussie rock legend, Jimmy Barnes. Many misguided years ago, I tried to be a groupie for his band, 'Cold Chisel'. Fortunately, I failed.
The Organiser of the event, Jenny Morris, is another Aussie/NZ rock legend. I loved her short but not skanky cocktail dress with the high shoes, which in my view, is MiddleagedRockStar Deluxe.
The Auctioneer from Sothebys who dispatched the Art in record time was a knockout. So amazing to see this Majestic Young Woman who'd be perfect for Prince William, seamlessly working the room like she was an Upmarket Policeman directing traffic at a busy intersection. After she finished someone said they'd like her to be their Life Coach. I felt the same. I was in awe of her Uber Power Ball Mini Dress, with it's slightly Military Gold Buttons references.
I spent most of the night trying to take candid photos of people, which I'm sure irritated the hell out of those around me. Someone mentioned Identity Theft, or is it, Image Theft, but I'm unapolegetic. I like this shot of the pearl & ribbon necklace. Interesting.
Oh, by the way, I told Neil Finn that I had every one of his songs from the past thirty years on my iPod, which is a lie.

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see you there! said...

Yes, the pearls/ribbon combo is nice. Keep stealing those images, LOL!