Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Never Fear Being Vulgar, Just Boring"

I've always loved Diana Vreeland, or at least I've loved the Idea of Diana Vreeland. She's the woman in the first photo & also the person who made up the title of today's post - I'm just channelling her!
Magazines are always dragging her & her famous sayings out when they've got nothing to say themselves, which is quite frequently. Probably her most famous saying is 'shocking pink is the navy blue of India' which really isn't as interesting as 'Elegance is Refusal' or 'People who eat White Bread have no dreams'.
I, too, would like to make up a whole lot of Iconic Sayings that years from now people will be sagely nodding their heads over or having a quiet chuckle . God knows I've tried, but usually I end up sounding like an even worse version of Forrest Gump- 'Life's like a box of chocolates, only I'm on a diet'. Lame but sadly true.
Talking of me, here's some more photos of me & my outfits & homemade necklaces worn on the job. Everyday one of my Year 12 students, 'The Wise Twin', takes my photo at the end of class so I can post it on flickr's wardrobe remix. If she's learnt nothing else from me, she's learned how to take a half-decent photo, a skill that will serve her well when she very soon ventures out into the Big Wide World. I've also put a little detail shot of one of my new batch of Endangered Animal Necklaces. Today's one is 'The Lonely Rhino'.
I'd like to think that Diana Vreeland would approve of my outfit, but it's not likely as she's dead. But even if she were alive, I doubt it as she also said, 'What do I think about the way most people dress? Most people are not something one thinks about'.


see you there! said...

Great necklace. I enjoyed the Vreeland quotes too.


Natasha said...

yes, the rhino necklace is so safari chic. :)

Sigsy said...

I bet you are the greatest teacher ever. All the stuff on the board looks really interesting and digestable.
Passion is all!