Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stylish Neighbours

I'm really becoming a pain with my camera. These days I'm rarely without it. Every time I see someone stylish I know in the neighbourhood, I whiningly ask them if I can take their photo. Just about every one says yes, except for one super-stylish lady, Morna, who when I asked her, looked at me as if I'd gone mad, or perhaps madder than usual.
But there were no problems when I asked Fiona & her husband for their photo. They were visiting people who own a lovely dog in my building, & I photographed them outside our rather imposing looking front gates. I think Fiona's husband hasn't cut his hair since 1974. Most people can't grow their hair that long although I think Indian Sadhu's, or Holy Men manage to. Fiona's channelling a slight Doctor Zhivago look with the big coat & wonderful angora turban. I loved the little Magic Medals on her Wild Animal print handbag - little medals of Our Lady of Guadalupe & Our Lady of Fatima.


see you there! said...

Stylish indeed! I had to go back and have a second look at that hair. Wow!


Sigsy said...

What a gorgeous couple.
Like a fairytale.