Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Freedom that Wearing Only One Earring Brings.

Lately, I've been making earrings, which is a new thing because I usually make necklaces. I just make one earring because I often wear just one. It's another of my little Wardrobe Quirks, along with no wearing of pants or jeans or shorts for that matter.
I enjoy the freedom that Wearing Only One Earring brings.
Today I thought that everyone in my Year 10 class was totally engaged in a lively discussion about The Nature of Power. We talked about Unseen Power, The Power of Manipulation, The Power of the Non-Speaking Babe & how Knowledge is Power. But then Lottie puts up her hand. 'Ms - do you mind me asking why you only wear one earring?' Others turn to each other & say, 'Yeah, I've been wondering about that too'. I asked for a show of hands of who had been wondering about Me & My One Earring. Eleven out of sixteen girls raised their hands (quite a few were away) The remaining five said they hadn't noticed.
Bianca put up her hand & said she could explain why to the class. She gave an entirely reasonable & logical explanation & then we went back to Power.

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