Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The Dragon Quest.
 This afternoon  Kevin, my wonderful Cleaner, informed me that in the part of China that he comes from, the temperature is currently -40 degrees celsius & that it is snowing in areas that haven't seen snow in human memory.
Meanwhile, I swelter in a range of Man Made fibres. I am soo hot that the tops of my legs are sticking to the crotcheted blankie that is covering my conservatively upholstered couch. And the laptop perched on my lap feels like a three bar radiator.
Usually, I am slow to sweat, but not tonite. Even the spaces between my toes feel all squishy. Ohhhhh...for a hint of breeze..... And what am I going to do when I hop into bed with only a small fan for comfort?
Maybe if I walk you through these last load of photos from my North Coast holiday I will forget my physical discomfort just for a few minutes. I doubt it.

Look look at the photo of what I believe is a water dragon that I snapped at the Poinsettia Cafe in Mullumbimby on the last day of my trip.  I spent the whole holiday desperately trying to photograph a lone dragon that had been hanging around our house looking perhaps expectant & maybe a little bored, although I do find it  tiresome when people ascribe human emotions to animals, particularly ones that look scarily like miniature dinosaurs.  Anyway,  the dragon  had finally graciously appeared on the decking right outside the back door one afternoon & sensing my desire to photograph him, generously posed in the one position for a number of minutes. Sadly, I took soo long fiddling around with the camera that he got fed up & abruptly hopped off. Even though it was heavily raining, I  fruitlessly spent the next hour scouring the surrounding bushland for a Dragon Sighting.
Imagine my delight when one turned up at the cafe! Talk about Synchronicity!

 And then there was the Bike Bumper Sticker that said, 'Hypnotherapists do it in your sleep' that I snapped whilst visiting the beach at Byron Bay.
I have always wanted to be hypnotised & I'm sure I've tried it sometime over the past thirty years. But I can't remember where or when. All I can remember is that it didn't work.
Apparently, the world is divided into two types of people - those who make Suitable Candidates for Hypnosis & Those Who Don't. I'm in the last category perhaps because I'm far too jumpy & Hyper-Vigilant which is currently one of my favourite words.
Oh, by the way, I go back to School tomorrow after a seven week holiday.  I know I'll like it when I get there, but right now I'm almost but not quite, dreading the thought.

So, not only am I almost drowning in a Sea of Sweat, I'm now dreading tomorrow. And..... the annoying Fragrant Male Flight Attendant Neighbour upstairs has just started belting out on his grand piano his famous rendition of 'Memories', you know, from 'Cats', which appears to be the only song in his repertoire. So much for distracting myself. I'm literally in Hell.
But look at me anyway on the beach, wearing a jaunty striped top that I think has v. strong French Overtones. Maybe this top is called (or would be called if it was Authentically French), a Maillot. But I could be imagining that.

Trying Too Hard.
 No trip anywhere would be complete without a visit to a Vintage Clothing Store, although I'd always much rather go to a Musty Charity Shoppe. This one was  in Mullumbimby, which by the way is a kind of hip hippie place, or rather it was about thirty years ago, although I did notice a large poster in the cafe advertising an upcoming performance by Martha Wainwright. People are obsessed with her & her brother Rufus. I'm certainly not.  I'm still listening to Petula Clark singing 'Colour My World'.
Oh, now is time for a Perfect Segue into what I've been listening to on my iPod. I'm sure you're desperate to know.
1. Roy Orbison's 'She's a Mystery to Me'. I like to  think that this was the last song he recorded. Do yourself a favour & listen to it. Talk about haunting, although I do hope that Roy isn't haunting me. That would be Too Creepy, particularly as I wasn't such a great fan.
2. Billy Preston singing 'My Sweet Lord' at the 'Concert for George' in 2002. That's got to be one of my favourite songs. I had it as a single at the end of 1970 & I obsessively played it which is what I'm doing now with Billy's version. Who cares if George stole the melody from 'She's So Fine'?
3. 'Sexual Healing' by Marvin Gaye. Talk about tragic.
4. 'You Are Everything', Marvin Gaye in a duet with Diana Ross. Talk about Cheesy. But I love it. Almost as much as I love Diana singing 'Endless Love' with Lionel Ritchie.
5. 'Woman' by Neneh Cherry. What a talent.
Anyway, in case you were wondering, I didn't buy those Over-the-knee red boots. They remind me of Puss in Boots, which is never a desirable look for a Middleagedteacher. And I also think that Over-TK Boots scream Trying Too Hard.
Here's AJ below, also in the Vintage Shoppe. She certainly wasn't tempted by the floral top. She's far too Cool which is something that I'm Not right now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A North Coast Summer Holiday Sartorial Challenge

 Look look above, Dear Reader. You might notice that it isn't me.
That's right, it's not. It's AJ, my friend who is with me on what you will see is a V. Challenging Beach Holiday Sartorial Journey.
I've discovered that it's far far easier to dress for My Normal Life where I see soo little of the sun that the doctor has recently told me that I'm suffering from an ever-so-slight Vitamin D deficiency. Apparently it's not that uncommon. My friend Marge was also informed of her lack of Vitamin D even though she swam regularly every day in her kidney shaped pool under the Californian Sun.
Anyway, AJ is shooting for a kind of Cowgirl Look in the photo above, although I loathe the term 'cowgirl' but am struggling to come up with an alternative.
Cowmistress perhaps?

There is a certain 'Cowmistess' quality to my post-swim outfit at Wategos Beach near Byron Bay. Or maybe I was unconsciously channelling 'Senior Rock Chick' because Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones has stayed at  at Wategos.
AJ mentioned that the hat that I bought at a local pharmacy for five bucks because it was slightly damaged, gave out a Hint of Cougar. I was horrified, but still continued to wear it because it stays on so beautifully & protects my face from getting any more Age Warts.
Note I'm wearing a sarong that I bought last year in Seminyak at Bali for seven bucks. It has been indispensable & I totally recommend getting one for Serious Sun Situations. Note also the Non-Gypsy Hoops that I persist in wearing. I have convinced myself that they Spell Holidays.

Here's me about to drink a World Class Quality Latte at the holiday town of Brunswick Heads, a place a few years ago  that would have never heard of the word 'latte' or would have thought that 'short black' meant something Entirely Different. It seems everywhere I go everyone is drinking lattes.
You can see that I'm still wearing jewels. These ones were all bought at 'Forever 21' on my recent trip to California. I thought that the rather Queen-like three stranded pearls featuring a diamante clasp fitted in beautifully with the 'Keep Calm & Carry One' message which has a crown in it.
BTW, I usally eschew The Message on a Tee Shirt, although I do delight in wearing clothes with high-end designer's names emblazoned all over them. And I know that 'Keep Calm Etc' has been done to death. It's on everything. But I still like it. So stuff it, I'm wearing it.

Here's the total look. What a shame that the ancient Paper Bark Tree (I had typed Paperback Tree which I much prefer, but I deleted it because I'm a Stickler for Accuracy) that I'm leaning against has graffiti.
The skirt was purchased for five bucks at 'Supre' Byron Bay on saturday. I was soo excited when I saw the 'Everything $5' sign  that I neglected to look at the size. When I got home, I discovered that the waist was almost big enough for a Barbie Doll to squeeze into. Luckily it was elasticised, so I just cut through it on either side & put it on.

It was soo lucky that I also bought this Tee Shirt with a Message at 'Supre' because it fits in beautifully with the Peace Love & Fluro Colours style at the Byron Bay markets that we attended on sunday.
I feel a little like a Senior Lady Di in that famous pre-engagement photo of her with the see-through skirt at the Kindergarten job she had before she became a princess.

Absolutely Nothing tempted me to buy at the markets, although one stall had a range of Left Handed Spoons.
Did I ever tell you that I'm Severely Left-Handed?

I found this Helpful & Easy to Use Book at a local cafe. All you do is think of a Life Question & then open the book on a random page & it will give you an answer.
It told me to 'Make it Up as You Go Along' which is exactly what I've been doing.
What an oracle!

This is Me & AJ in the background in Sale Mode. She bought the 'Hollywood' tee shirt that I am admiring because it featured a reference to The Roosevelt Hotel that I had photographed on my recent trip. I think she fancied herself staying there on her next trip.
Note how even inside a shop I'm wearing that sarong, this time as a scarf. I promise that as soon as I get home it will go Back to the Back of the Cupboard until next Summer Holiday.
Oh, I failed to mention that my air ticket was soo cheap that I could only take cabin baggage which suits me down to the ground for two reasons:
1. It presents a Wardrobe & Packing Challenge that slightly thrills me;
2. It cuts out that nail-bitingly awful time spent expectantly waiting at the Baggage Carousel for your bag to appear. I've never gotten over the time that long long ago my bags & those of Mr Ex-Middleaged & daughter Maeflower & step sons Tim & Tyler were lost at Heathrow Airport & we had to survive for weeks in the US with what felt like nothing.

Lastly, AJ in cut-offs shopping Bangalow. She sensibly bought them because she could easily wade in the surf without getting them wet.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Resolutions That I Already Do Again

This is going to be a More Than Usually Workmanlike Post. A No Frills Post. No attempt at Lame Jokes or Musings on Life & TV Shows. No reference to 'Fashion Police' although I've been watching a lot of Beach Wear or Holiday Wear or perhaps dare I say, Resort Wear.
Just The Facts.
 So here I am dressed for the beach.
Some may consider black not a beach colour.
But I think that it makes a perfect contrast with the sand. And I do love a contrast.
And I do love going to the beach although you'd never know it.
There are many beaches to choose from up here at Ocean Shores near Byron Bay which is about 800 kilometres from Sydney.
Of course , the problem with Beach Going is how to avoid getting Any Sun Whatsoever on Any Body Part. My friends Lizzie & AJ & I spend large amounts of time at the beach liberally applying SPF30 Sunblock & then draping ourselves with clothing & hats. Yesterday, I spent so much time applying sunblock & positioning my rather Cougar-like Cowgirl Hat on my head that I hardly had any time for a swim before it was time to get back in the car & head for home to wash all the sand & the salt off.
But I have managed to do some Soft Sand Running along the beach because one of my New Year's Resolutions That I Already Do is to exercise. In fact I need to increase my aerobic fitness which is a little low at present.

This is a Perfect Segue to move into my Next v. brief topic, The Made Bed, which is another one of my Resolutions that I Already Do.
I took the picture of my Freshly Made Bed before I left for Ocean Shores.
Let me briefly walk you through it.
The bedspread is an old Indian patchwork thing that I bought last year for fifty bucks at 'BednobsETc' They occasionally have household items as well as clothes. I snapped it up because it reminded me of my youth where people had their Shared Households swathed in that sort of thing. I longed to do so but never quite made it. The most I had was a v. depressing poster of a Gustav Klimt painting which showed the Four Stages of Women, from Birth to Old Age with the most prominent image being a Sunken-Chested Old Crone. What was I thinking?
2. Two large Pillows. A nightmare to sleep on. That's why they're Ornamental. They are wearing, also from 'BednobsEtc'  pearl-encrusted embossed pillowcases that I have never washed which is Hardly Surprising for Me.
3. Embroidered pillowcases perhaps from 'BedBathEtc' in Bondi Westfield. They feature birds which create a v. chirpy feel to the bedroom
4. A dusky pink satin coverlet from 'BednobsEtc' which sadly has what appears to be an unfortunate cigarette burn on it. It creates a Slightly Sleazy feel to the bedroom.
5. A papier mache Mexican doll that I bought many years ago from Olvera Street in LA. I have many of these dolls. Next to it is Piglet from 'Winnie the Pooh'. They create a Comforting Feel to the bedroom, particularly Piglet. The paper mache doll not so much. It feels a little hard.
Back to the Beach.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Barnacle Clinging to An Old Boat.

 A Gentle Stroll Through My Holiday Wardrobe.
But before we do that, I must register my ever so slight irritation  that I seem unable to delete that v. annoying Letter 'H' that is perched right up against my first photo. Let's just say that 'H' is for 'Holiday' & not 'Harridan'. Or 'Hirsute'.
 Have I ever told you that I despise Facial Hair of any Kind on a Man?
 I particularly loathe 'Movember' which I'm sure is a loathsome World Wide Phenomenon. And I blame it for what I observe is a resurgence of the Handlebar Moustache & perhaps even the Moustacheless Beard, which  wins my vote  every time as  The Nastiest Facial Hair Mistake of Them All.
Oh, for God's sake, I'm supposed to be walking you through my Holiday Outfits, not releasing a torrent of pent up hatred against Moustaches. Speaking of which, I read today in a magazine in the waiting room at the Doctor's Office, that Madonna's daughter, Lourdes aged 13, currently spends $2000 a month on waxing & expensive beauty products. By the look of the 'Before' photo which accompanied the article, Poor Lulu, as she's affectionately called, was really in danger of winning the Junior Frida Kahlo Facial Hair Look Alike Contest before she discovered Waxing. What a Godsend.
OK, let's Finally Start. I'm sure you're getting Quite Antsy.
All the clothes have been thrifted.
Most of them I've bought over the Summer Holiday.
Not all of them work.
I beg you to double click on the images to get a larger look. The Devil's in the Detail.

I bought the black frilly dress yesterday at 'BednobsEtc', my favourite shop in the whole world. It was ten bucks. I am going to wear it tomorrow when I hop on a plane up to the North Coast for a week's holiday. Am feeling slightly guilty that I'm gaily off holidaying when soo many people have lost their lives or their loved ones or their homes or their town or suburb due to the flooding these last couple of days.
Note: 1. The wearing of thongs, or flip-flops, my absolute favourite Holiday Shoe, although a thong is not technically a shoe.
2. I'm ever so slightly tanned on the lower legs from liberal lashings of 'Dove' self-tanning lotion for people with Pasty Skin.
3. I'm wearing a set of matronly pearls with a pink plastic pendant in the shape of scissors, my almost favourite Summer Accessory.
4. My second favourite Summer Accessory are the large hoops, which I purchased at 'Forever 21' on my recent trip to California.

 Have I already said that everything is thrifted? I'm desperate not , I repeat, Not to Repeat Myself.
I love this little Slip O'er a Dress, even though the elasticised waist rides up a bit & also cuts into my middle.
Note: 1. The two aqua necklaces that I recently purchased at 'Anthropologie' in  Santa Monica. I do love how they almost clash with the magenta in the dress.
2. I'm wearing matching black sweat bands, such an easy & effortless way of combining Sport into Everyday Outfits. I could be a Tennis Player, something I've always longed to be but couldn't because I could never hit the ball over the net.

 A close up of my two Wild Animals bangles that I bought for seven bucks from a shop called 'Lovisa' in Bondi Westfield. I've convinced myself that they're faithful reproductions of Kenneth Jay Lane's costume jewels that sell for thousands. Or maybe hundreds.

 I was totally thrilled to find this brand new with the tags still on it, Jean Paul Gaultier for Target nylon dress in the style of a fifties housecoat at The Salvation Army Depot in Thousand Oaks. Fancy Jean Paul Gaultier designing for 'Target'?

 This is a Slightly Matronly Waspy look that I'm not too sure about. I bought the dress last week from 'BednobsEtc'. They had been closed for the holidays & didn't open until January 5. By that time I had almost gone into Renal Failure. So as soon as it opened, I had to rush in there & buy the first thing that I clapped my eyes on. Of course, I'm always attracted to Navy. It's soo Patrician. But it's a little frilly & a little bunched in at the waist. And it's perhaps something that Maria Von Trapp might have worn. No offence to Maria, but she was hardly a style icon, was she? Not that I am or anything.

 Here's another look that I'm not too sure about.
1. Double Doses of green scream St Patrick's Day & it's only January.
2. Large polka dots aren't really that flattering, even though the top is a genuine 'Paul Smith' tee shirt that I got for five bucks at 'BednobsEtc'. I'm such a slave to The Label.

 Here's yet another outfit that I'm not too sure about for really obvious reasons. But, I just love the Freedom that Rampant Pattern Mixing creates.
Note: 1. Still wearing thongs.
2. Still wearing sweat bands.

Talking of Sweating, here I am today just after a gruelling session with Miss Jay boxing & running & panting & lunging.
In fact, Miss Jay was the reason why I was sitting in the Doctor's Waiting Room this morning. Previously, she had expressed alarm at what she thought was a Suspicious Mole growing on my shoulder. I had visions of prematurely dying from melanoma so went straight off to Dr Jeremy Smith of Macleay Street Medical Practice. He looked at it under a light & then began picking at it.
Is that what you should do with Life-Threatening Moles, I inquired.
It's not Life-threatening. It's called a Seborrheic Wart which roughly translates as a 'Barnacle Clinging to an old boat'. It's a sign of age.
What a relief.

Note: 1. I'm only wearing one Running Shoe. I totally loathe these type of shoes. They never look good on anyone, under any circumstances, particularly when worn with a business suit.
I am going away tomorrow to a place without any internet access. For a week. Perhaps I could find an Internettle Cafe.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My List of Something Or Other

Hello there, Whoever & Wherever You Are, & Welcome to Me.
A v. Tired Me, I might add.
This afternoon I had my first Boot Camp for 2011. I perhaps shouldn't call it Boot Camp because it doesn't involve running whilst dragging a large tyre on a rope behind you which is what I've seen Real Boot Campers do at the park. A Slightly Ridiculous Sight, I might add. It's like these people are atoning for their sins or something. Luckily, I am sinless & don't have to bother atoning. I just need to keep waxing.

Anyway, I guess you could call my BC, 'BC Lite', although I do have to run & box & skip fifty skips at a time, & do push ups, admittedly with my knees on the ground & do hateful, unsightly squats with Miss Jay, the Boot Camptress, constantly yelling at me to stick my bum out more & straighten my back at the same time. I also have to stand on a plastic pod which is technically known as a 'Boysue'. Sporting people do have some interesting names for things.

But of course, I wasn't planning to walk you through my Exercise Regime in this post. Certainly Not. I was planning to again talk about NY's Resolutions.
Being women of Wisdom & Strong Convictions, both Darla & Rebecca were completely against them. I knew they'd feel that way. And I kind of agree.
But of course that won't stop me from making a kind of a list. Don't think of them as Resolutions, but as Things to Do. Maybe wishes. Or desires. Or goals. Or just behaviours.
Certainly NOT a 'Bucket List', which I think is a loathsome term perennially associated in my mind with hot air ballooning & sky diving. Or even paintballing, which I believe can be v. painful.

My List of Something Or Other for The Year That's Already Begun.
1. Make my bed every morning. I already do this. Gretchen from 'The Happiness Project' (remember 'The Middleagedteacher Happiness Project?) claims that daily bed making creates a small sense of order & control over your life. I must say that I do like coming home from school & seeing my bed made. It always makes me want to flop on to it.

2. Write a blog. I already do this. As I type, I'm watching 'The Book Show', an English Programme where everyone in it talks in frightfully plummy voices about their latest book or what book they're reading . I've just been watching Andrew Motion, the Poet Laureate walk us through his study where his most valued possession is the complete Oxford English Dictionary in many many volumes which was once owned by poet Philip Larkin, but was given to him by Larkin's girlfriend after his death. Andrew said that he found it wonderful that all the words that he would ever need are contained within the covers of these books, but the difficulty was to get them out in the right order as Larkin had done.
That's what I want to do. Get the words out in the right order.

3. Exercise. I already do this. Today I studied a picture of 52 year old Joan Jett who is currently in Australia pumping out 'I Love Rock n'Roll . I was absolutely transfixed by her beautifully sculptured arms without a trace of wobbly custard-like skin anywhere. I must, I repeat, MUSt keep boxing.

4. Read. I already do this. Perhaps finally finish Dicken's 'My Mutual Friend', although if I didn't finish it, it wouldn't be any big deal on my death bed. YOu know the drill, 'Oh God, why, Oh why, didn't I finish that book? I guess I'm not gonna die happy now. Oh well, can't be helped'.

5. Stop judging Everything. I already do this. But badly. In fact, I'm doing it badly now. I can't stop typing in Italics even though I've clicked it about ten times to stop. Oh, it's stopped now. What a shame because I was seriously beginning to blame Blogger or even the computer for not following my commands down to the letter. And as usual, I was enjoying the blaming.

6. Creating Abundance Through Frugality. I already do this.

It's too late. I must hop into bed. If you've got any more suggestions, I'd be grateful. Or perhaps greatful which is how I originally spelt it.
Oh, look back at the photo. It's me on NYE wearing a v. unflattering blouson dress which somehow I blame for my arms looking somewhat pork chop like. I must must stop this before you gain the impression that I've got Serious Self Image Problems.
Onwards & Upwards!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A NY Resolution in French So I'll Remember It

I suppose it's not too late to wish you, O Gentle Reader, Happy New Year. I'm not too sure what the usual length is for that type of greeting, but I'm guessing that you're pretty safe saying it within the week of New Year Happening.

Phew! I'm glad I got that out of the way.

Look look look above at that marvellous Sydney Fireworks Shot Sadly Not Taken by Me but from The Huffington Post. I was slightly crushed that I couldn't take as good a photo. Mine is the lousy one, below. Please don't think that I'm being Needlessly Self-Deprecating because I'm not. I'm telling the truth. Try as I might, I just couldn't take a better shot even though I only had a couple of glasses of champagne on the nite. And I handed my Sparkler to the person next to me while I took photos.

Fortuitously, 'Je ne Regrette Rien' is My New Year's Resolution. I think it's much better to have a New Year's Resolution in French, don't you? That way, you've got a much better chance of sticking to it, or whatever it is one does with them.
Actually, I've been doing a little Internettle Research on the topic of NY Resolutions. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, not The Wizard, but the Know-All Doctor on 'Oprah' (perhaps he is The Wizard of Oprah), the most popular Resolutions this year (& perhaps every year) is: 1. lose weight, 2. Get healthy, 3. Get finances in order, 4. Get fit, 5. Get un-stressed, 6. Find a partner.
Dr. Oz recommends that the Best Resolution to have is to take up Meditation.

He then went on to list all the Marvellous Benefits that Meditation can bring - reduced hyper-tension, lower insulin levels. lower rates of depression. Better Sleep. Less hiccuping. Etc Etc Etc Ad Nauseum. It's a wonder you don't Sprout Wings. Maybe if you meditated long enough.
Pardon me if I sound cynical. I'm not.
I will now reveal to you something about me that I may not have revealed before.
I'm a Meditator. At least forty minutes a day for the past 5 years.
Maybe longer.
The thing is, I can't tell if it's doing me any good or not.
But perhaps it is.
I used to be a Really Really Bad Migraine Sufferer, or a Migraineur, which sounds much more sophisticated, like you're a Connoisseur of Migraines. ' Ah yes, I think the March 16, 2002 Migraine was far superior to the May 22 one. It had all the Classical Symptoms. The other was too much of a hybrid'.
Anyway, I used to spend waaay too much time lying in bed & then lurching out of it to throw up in the bathroom. And then I discovered Migraine Medication & that worked. For a time. And then it stopped. And then I started seriously meditating. And then v.v. slowly, they Kind of Went Away. (Note I say, 'Kind of'. I can't bring myself to say, 'They went away' in case I wake up in the morning with one.)
But there's a part of me that thinks that they Kind of Went Away of their own accord. Like I grew out of them in my mid-fifties. You know, the Chief Controller of Migraines decided that I'd done my time staring at the bottom of the Toilet Bowl for this lifetime & it was finally time for me to lift my head up & smell the, what is it? Dinner Mints?
Maybe another time I'll tell you my Meditation Method which I'm sure you're gagging to Know.
But for now, let me quickly walk you through the rest of the photos.

Above is Xmas Eve.
I'm showing off my fab gifts from my step-son Tyler. I'm holding up a genuine Vintage Chanel Scarf with a 'Double C' motif , my absolute Favourite Double Anything in the World. Tyler thought that this was a suitable gift because I've been toying with the idea for some time now to have the 'Double C's' tattooed on my inner arm. Don't be shocked. At least it's not a skull. Or barbed wire. Or a phoenix. I'm sure that there are many many Middleagedteachers around the world with tattoos.
In fact, I even went so far as to go inside a Tattoo Parlour which is conveniently located a mere twenty metres from my home to inquire about having it done. The Tattooist, a rather Frightening Looking Man, told me that he was, as well as a Gifted Tattoo Artiste, also a Master Forger, so that he would have absolutely no trouble in replicating the Chanel Logo if I brought him a picture. He also told me that once I had One Tattoo, I'd be compelled to have more. And more. And more. I immediately imagined myself covered in logos: LVuitton, Prada, Dior, YSL. Perhaps even 'Target' if I ran out of Luxury Brand Names.
Anyway, I'm still Toying with the Idea.

Here I am with Tyler wearing a cute little grey slip 0' a dress with my favourite Earrings du Jour. I do love a Large Hoop. It brings out the gypsy in me. In fact, I have Absolutely No Gypsy in me at all. I dislike Fortune Telling with a Vengeance, & I would not like to live in a caravan, not even a gaily painted one. Note I'm also wearing my Robot Pendant, my favourite Pendant du Jour.
Also Note how many times I'm slipping in Badly Spelled French Phrases. Still thinking about French lessons. And I would like to meet Zizzi in Paris one time.

Here's me with my daughter Maeflower. I must say that we gave each other Spectacular Gifts this Xmas. In front, is a set of Matching Eating Bowls set in a Checkered Tray for her cat, Miles. Or Milo as he is affectionately called.
Also note that I'm wearing a Pink Plastic Pendant in the shape of a pair of scissors, in honour of me liking collage so much. In fact, it's one of my favourite things to do in the whole world. I'm still wearing the Non-Gypsy Hoops. Note also that Maeflower's hair is natural.

Black is a Colour not usually associated with Christmas. And we didn't decide to dress alike because we suddenly felt the urge to copy Joan Crawford & her unfortunate daughter, Christina, of 'Mommie Dearest' fame. It just turned out that way.
Anyway, if you've got any NY Resolutions that you think are good, please tell me. I'd love to hear them.
BTW, Trixie & Me went to see 'The King's Speech' today. I totally recommend it. I was gut-wrenchingly sobbing at the end, but in a good way.