Monday, January 10, 2011

My List of Something Or Other

Hello there, Whoever & Wherever You Are, & Welcome to Me.
A v. Tired Me, I might add.
This afternoon I had my first Boot Camp for 2011. I perhaps shouldn't call it Boot Camp because it doesn't involve running whilst dragging a large tyre on a rope behind you which is what I've seen Real Boot Campers do at the park. A Slightly Ridiculous Sight, I might add. It's like these people are atoning for their sins or something. Luckily, I am sinless & don't have to bother atoning. I just need to keep waxing.

Anyway, I guess you could call my BC, 'BC Lite', although I do have to run & box & skip fifty skips at a time, & do push ups, admittedly with my knees on the ground & do hateful, unsightly squats with Miss Jay, the Boot Camptress, constantly yelling at me to stick my bum out more & straighten my back at the same time. I also have to stand on a plastic pod which is technically known as a 'Boysue'. Sporting people do have some interesting names for things.

But of course, I wasn't planning to walk you through my Exercise Regime in this post. Certainly Not. I was planning to again talk about NY's Resolutions.
Being women of Wisdom & Strong Convictions, both Darla & Rebecca were completely against them. I knew they'd feel that way. And I kind of agree.
But of course that won't stop me from making a kind of a list. Don't think of them as Resolutions, but as Things to Do. Maybe wishes. Or desires. Or goals. Or just behaviours.
Certainly NOT a 'Bucket List', which I think is a loathsome term perennially associated in my mind with hot air ballooning & sky diving. Or even paintballing, which I believe can be v. painful.

My List of Something Or Other for The Year That's Already Begun.
1. Make my bed every morning. I already do this. Gretchen from 'The Happiness Project' (remember 'The Middleagedteacher Happiness Project?) claims that daily bed making creates a small sense of order & control over your life. I must say that I do like coming home from school & seeing my bed made. It always makes me want to flop on to it.

2. Write a blog. I already do this. As I type, I'm watching 'The Book Show', an English Programme where everyone in it talks in frightfully plummy voices about their latest book or what book they're reading . I've just been watching Andrew Motion, the Poet Laureate walk us through his study where his most valued possession is the complete Oxford English Dictionary in many many volumes which was once owned by poet Philip Larkin, but was given to him by Larkin's girlfriend after his death. Andrew said that he found it wonderful that all the words that he would ever need are contained within the covers of these books, but the difficulty was to get them out in the right order as Larkin had done.
That's what I want to do. Get the words out in the right order.

3. Exercise. I already do this. Today I studied a picture of 52 year old Joan Jett who is currently in Australia pumping out 'I Love Rock n'Roll . I was absolutely transfixed by her beautifully sculptured arms without a trace of wobbly custard-like skin anywhere. I must, I repeat, MUSt keep boxing.

4. Read. I already do this. Perhaps finally finish Dicken's 'My Mutual Friend', although if I didn't finish it, it wouldn't be any big deal on my death bed. YOu know the drill, 'Oh God, why, Oh why, didn't I finish that book? I guess I'm not gonna die happy now. Oh well, can't be helped'.

5. Stop judging Everything. I already do this. But badly. In fact, I'm doing it badly now. I can't stop typing in Italics even though I've clicked it about ten times to stop. Oh, it's stopped now. What a shame because I was seriously beginning to blame Blogger or even the computer for not following my commands down to the letter. And as usual, I was enjoying the blaming.

6. Creating Abundance Through Frugality. I already do this.

It's too late. I must hop into bed. If you've got any more suggestions, I'd be grateful. Or perhaps greatful which is how I originally spelt it.
Oh, look back at the photo. It's me on NYE wearing a v. unflattering blouson dress which somehow I blame for my arms looking somewhat pork chop like. I must must stop this before you gain the impression that I've got Serious Self Image Problems.
Onwards & Upwards!


see you there! said...

I love the fact that you wrote "I already do this" after each of the things on your list. Maybe I could deal with resolutions if I thought of them that way, LOL!


Rebecca said...

I have "MY lists of something or other", too. I even posted them on a post-it note that you can produce on the screen of a laptop. Things like *do a Suduko or Crossword puzzle each day to keep mind stimulated *jump on the mini-tramp 5 days a week *journal (like REAL journal - not just blog) and *read a book a week.

Since seeing "make bed every day", I'm reminded that I've gotten out of this habit since I involuntarily contracted shingles. I need to add the bed thing to my list...

Good luck with YOUR list :)ad

ReaderRita said...

There is just something about the "make bed every day" task that truly does make me feel more centered. If I don't do it I feel slovenly, unkempt and at the brink of disaster all day. Making the bed gives me the peace of mind that no matter how insanely my day may unfurl, I will be able to come home to sanctuary, which could well be shown on the cover of "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine, if the photographers showed up unannounced on my doorstep.
"Please step around the unholy mess of pet hair, the Sunday New York Times, the odd sock or shoe, and smattering of empty teacups, gentlemen, and let me show you to the beautifully made bed..."

Incidentally, lovely resolutions on your part- you have inspired me-
I resolve to come up with resolutions!