Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Barnacle Clinging to An Old Boat.

 A Gentle Stroll Through My Holiday Wardrobe.
But before we do that, I must register my ever so slight irritation  that I seem unable to delete that v. annoying Letter 'H' that is perched right up against my first photo. Let's just say that 'H' is for 'Holiday' & not 'Harridan'. Or 'Hirsute'.
 Have I ever told you that I despise Facial Hair of any Kind on a Man?
 I particularly loathe 'Movember' which I'm sure is a loathsome World Wide Phenomenon. And I blame it for what I observe is a resurgence of the Handlebar Moustache & perhaps even the Moustacheless Beard, which  wins my vote  every time as  The Nastiest Facial Hair Mistake of Them All.
Oh, for God's sake, I'm supposed to be walking you through my Holiday Outfits, not releasing a torrent of pent up hatred against Moustaches. Speaking of which, I read today in a magazine in the waiting room at the Doctor's Office, that Madonna's daughter, Lourdes aged 13, currently spends $2000 a month on waxing & expensive beauty products. By the look of the 'Before' photo which accompanied the article, Poor Lulu, as she's affectionately called, was really in danger of winning the Junior Frida Kahlo Facial Hair Look Alike Contest before she discovered Waxing. What a Godsend.
OK, let's Finally Start. I'm sure you're getting Quite Antsy.
All the clothes have been thrifted.
Most of them I've bought over the Summer Holiday.
Not all of them work.
I beg you to double click on the images to get a larger look. The Devil's in the Detail.

I bought the black frilly dress yesterday at 'BednobsEtc', my favourite shop in the whole world. It was ten bucks. I am going to wear it tomorrow when I hop on a plane up to the North Coast for a week's holiday. Am feeling slightly guilty that I'm gaily off holidaying when soo many people have lost their lives or their loved ones or their homes or their town or suburb due to the flooding these last couple of days.
Note: 1. The wearing of thongs, or flip-flops, my absolute favourite Holiday Shoe, although a thong is not technically a shoe.
2. I'm ever so slightly tanned on the lower legs from liberal lashings of 'Dove' self-tanning lotion for people with Pasty Skin.
3. I'm wearing a set of matronly pearls with a pink plastic pendant in the shape of scissors, my almost favourite Summer Accessory.
4. My second favourite Summer Accessory are the large hoops, which I purchased at 'Forever 21' on my recent trip to California.

 Have I already said that everything is thrifted? I'm desperate not , I repeat, Not to Repeat Myself.
I love this little Slip O'er a Dress, even though the elasticised waist rides up a bit & also cuts into my middle.
Note: 1. The two aqua necklaces that I recently purchased at 'Anthropologie' in  Santa Monica. I do love how they almost clash with the magenta in the dress.
2. I'm wearing matching black sweat bands, such an easy & effortless way of combining Sport into Everyday Outfits. I could be a Tennis Player, something I've always longed to be but couldn't because I could never hit the ball over the net.

 A close up of my two Wild Animals bangles that I bought for seven bucks from a shop called 'Lovisa' in Bondi Westfield. I've convinced myself that they're faithful reproductions of Kenneth Jay Lane's costume jewels that sell for thousands. Or maybe hundreds.

 I was totally thrilled to find this brand new with the tags still on it, Jean Paul Gaultier for Target nylon dress in the style of a fifties housecoat at The Salvation Army Depot in Thousand Oaks. Fancy Jean Paul Gaultier designing for 'Target'?

 This is a Slightly Matronly Waspy look that I'm not too sure about. I bought the dress last week from 'BednobsEtc'. They had been closed for the holidays & didn't open until January 5. By that time I had almost gone into Renal Failure. So as soon as it opened, I had to rush in there & buy the first thing that I clapped my eyes on. Of course, I'm always attracted to Navy. It's soo Patrician. But it's a little frilly & a little bunched in at the waist. And it's perhaps something that Maria Von Trapp might have worn. No offence to Maria, but she was hardly a style icon, was she? Not that I am or anything.

 Here's another look that I'm not too sure about.
1. Double Doses of green scream St Patrick's Day & it's only January.
2. Large polka dots aren't really that flattering, even though the top is a genuine 'Paul Smith' tee shirt that I got for five bucks at 'BednobsEtc'. I'm such a slave to The Label.

 Here's yet another outfit that I'm not too sure about for really obvious reasons. But, I just love the Freedom that Rampant Pattern Mixing creates.
Note: 1. Still wearing thongs.
2. Still wearing sweat bands.

Talking of Sweating, here I am today just after a gruelling session with Miss Jay boxing & running & panting & lunging.
In fact, Miss Jay was the reason why I was sitting in the Doctor's Waiting Room this morning. Previously, she had expressed alarm at what she thought was a Suspicious Mole growing on my shoulder. I had visions of prematurely dying from melanoma so went straight off to Dr Jeremy Smith of Macleay Street Medical Practice. He looked at it under a light & then began picking at it.
Is that what you should do with Life-Threatening Moles, I inquired.
It's not Life-threatening. It's called a Seborrheic Wart which roughly translates as a 'Barnacle Clinging to an old boat'. It's a sign of age.
What a relief.

Note: 1. I'm only wearing one Running Shoe. I totally loathe these type of shoes. They never look good on anyone, under any circumstances, particularly when worn with a business suit.
I am going away tomorrow to a place without any internet access. For a week. Perhaps I could find an Internettle Cafe.


Rebecca said...

Your holiday/vacation schedules are envious! Enjoy!

I could help you get rid of that "H" about as quickly as your doctor handled your barnacle, but sadly there's an ocean between us.

Would you be interested to know that I actually like that Slightly Matronly Waspy dress? The "T" dress is also attractive on you. (We are sensitive to the "T" word recently. Both the word itself and its logo may be construed as "vitriol speech" given our political climate lately. (However I don't want to diminish the pleasure of your holiday with such negative information.)

I gather that you won't be practicing hitting any balls over nets in the coming days. It is freeing to know one's strengths and weaknesses.

Holding my symbolic breath until you find an internet cafe or return home - whichever happens first...

Rebecca said...

I note that there is an unfinished () pair in the 3rd paragraph of my hastily constructed comment. Desperate to demonstrate my competence but too lazy to re-post, I leave it to your kindness to make the necessary allowances. Thank you.

ReaderRita said...

LOVE the black frilly dress. Timeless, elegant, versatile.
Looks great on you. Festive. Fun. What more could you ask for?
I, too enjoy the Slightly Matronly Waspy dress, in all of it's patrician splendor. Except I cannot put out of my mind the want to ravish it's primness with cowboy boots and a big cowboy belt. Preferably one with a bucking bronco on it. (or perhaps a swarthy, moustachioed cowpoke on it, for sheer cheek!) And for wearability in cooler weather, perhaps a long sleeved t-shirt underneath it!
I also find your Rampant Pattern Mixing outfit to be delightful- the skirt looks amazing on you! Very fetching, that body-conscious fit. Lovely patterns and colors, as well.
(and that outfit dangles like a carrot, reminding me to take part in a bootcamp myself...sooner rather than later!)
Enjoy your holiday, and am glad to hear that you and yours are safe- best wishes to you!

Della Street Dreaming said...

I am thrilled, Rebecca & ReaderRita with your wonderful & poetic comments. Thank you! I am now going to review my attitude towards the Matronly Wasp Dress. I do have a pair of cowboy boots that I could wear with it, but it is far too hot & muggy now, although there is still an unfortunate fashion amongst some Young Folk of Sydney to wear boots in summer. All I can think is that their poor feet are swimming around in an ocean of sweat. But perhaps a cowboy belt might be good. Somehow that reminds me a tad of Ralph Lauren, which could only be a good thing.
Must get ready for the flight.
BTW, I wasn't sure about the 'T' dress, Rebecca. Must go back & check what I wrote!
Onwards & Upwards!

see you there! said...

You are probably on your flight already. I hope you are wearing that black frilly dress. I like it so much I'd probably wear it everyday on vacation.