Sunday, January 16, 2011

Resolutions That I Already Do Again

This is going to be a More Than Usually Workmanlike Post. A No Frills Post. No attempt at Lame Jokes or Musings on Life & TV Shows. No reference to 'Fashion Police' although I've been watching a lot of Beach Wear or Holiday Wear or perhaps dare I say, Resort Wear.
Just The Facts.
 So here I am dressed for the beach.
Some may consider black not a beach colour.
But I think that it makes a perfect contrast with the sand. And I do love a contrast.
And I do love going to the beach although you'd never know it.
There are many beaches to choose from up here at Ocean Shores near Byron Bay which is about 800 kilometres from Sydney.
Of course , the problem with Beach Going is how to avoid getting Any Sun Whatsoever on Any Body Part. My friends Lizzie & AJ & I spend large amounts of time at the beach liberally applying SPF30 Sunblock & then draping ourselves with clothing & hats. Yesterday, I spent so much time applying sunblock & positioning my rather Cougar-like Cowgirl Hat on my head that I hardly had any time for a swim before it was time to get back in the car & head for home to wash all the sand & the salt off.
But I have managed to do some Soft Sand Running along the beach because one of my New Year's Resolutions That I Already Do is to exercise. In fact I need to increase my aerobic fitness which is a little low at present.

This is a Perfect Segue to move into my Next v. brief topic, The Made Bed, which is another one of my Resolutions that I Already Do.
I took the picture of my Freshly Made Bed before I left for Ocean Shores.
Let me briefly walk you through it.
The bedspread is an old Indian patchwork thing that I bought last year for fifty bucks at 'BednobsETc' They occasionally have household items as well as clothes. I snapped it up because it reminded me of my youth where people had their Shared Households swathed in that sort of thing. I longed to do so but never quite made it. The most I had was a v. depressing poster of a Gustav Klimt painting which showed the Four Stages of Women, from Birth to Old Age with the most prominent image being a Sunken-Chested Old Crone. What was I thinking?
2. Two large Pillows. A nightmare to sleep on. That's why they're Ornamental. They are wearing, also from 'BednobsEtc'  pearl-encrusted embossed pillowcases that I have never washed which is Hardly Surprising for Me.
3. Embroidered pillowcases perhaps from 'BedBathEtc' in Bondi Westfield. They feature birds which create a v. chirpy feel to the bedroom
4. A dusky pink satin coverlet from 'BednobsEtc' which sadly has what appears to be an unfortunate cigarette burn on it. It creates a Slightly Sleazy feel to the bedroom.
5. A papier mache Mexican doll that I bought many years ago from Olvera Street in LA. I have many of these dolls. Next to it is Piglet from 'Winnie the Pooh'. They create a Comforting Feel to the bedroom, particularly Piglet. The paper mache doll not so much. It feels a little hard.
Back to the Beach.


Rebecca said...

Re: my previous "wonderful & poetic comments"--You KNOW I have learned it ALL from you.

The bedspread is really wonderful. When you are ready to cast it off, I offer my North American home.

And re the "T" dress, since the tragic Arizona shooting last week, some people are sensitive about the word "Target". It's kind of a Sick Joke, actually.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Rebecca, I'm glad you clarified about the 'T' word. I thought that you might have been referring to my use of the word 'thong', which of course means 'flip-flop,' but also a rather uncomfortable type of underwear I usually associate with Pole Dancers, although I suspect that lots & lots of ordinary women do wear them.
Am totally appalled at Arizona Shootings & have been following it closely. Sadly, our Queensland Floods have wiped it off our front pages.

Rebecca said...

Your floods have been MOST terrifying. We HAVE had pictures of some of the devastation.

see you there! said...

I love the beach although ours here by the Bay isn't very warm even in the summertime. Good for walking along the water tho.

Great black dress and yes, black at the beach is quite nice if you ask me... you did didn't you?


janavi said...

I have also become quite sun phobic. I use SPF 70 plus hats etc.

Love the bed. The beach looks so gorgeous.

janavi said...

BTW- I was very impressed by your daily 40 min. meditation.
Even tho I lived on an AShram for over 2 yrs, it has always been difficult for me.


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