Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A North Coast Summer Holiday Sartorial Challenge

 Look look above, Dear Reader. You might notice that it isn't me.
That's right, it's not. It's AJ, my friend who is with me on what you will see is a V. Challenging Beach Holiday Sartorial Journey.
I've discovered that it's far far easier to dress for My Normal Life where I see soo little of the sun that the doctor has recently told me that I'm suffering from an ever-so-slight Vitamin D deficiency. Apparently it's not that uncommon. My friend Marge was also informed of her lack of Vitamin D even though she swam regularly every day in her kidney shaped pool under the Californian Sun.
Anyway, AJ is shooting for a kind of Cowgirl Look in the photo above, although I loathe the term 'cowgirl' but am struggling to come up with an alternative.
Cowmistress perhaps?

There is a certain 'Cowmistess' quality to my post-swim outfit at Wategos Beach near Byron Bay. Or maybe I was unconsciously channelling 'Senior Rock Chick' because Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones has stayed at  at Wategos.
AJ mentioned that the hat that I bought at a local pharmacy for five bucks because it was slightly damaged, gave out a Hint of Cougar. I was horrified, but still continued to wear it because it stays on so beautifully & protects my face from getting any more Age Warts.
Note I'm wearing a sarong that I bought last year in Seminyak at Bali for seven bucks. It has been indispensable & I totally recommend getting one for Serious Sun Situations. Note also the Non-Gypsy Hoops that I persist in wearing. I have convinced myself that they Spell Holidays.

Here's me about to drink a World Class Quality Latte at the holiday town of Brunswick Heads, a place a few years ago  that would have never heard of the word 'latte' or would have thought that 'short black' meant something Entirely Different. It seems everywhere I go everyone is drinking lattes.
You can see that I'm still wearing jewels. These ones were all bought at 'Forever 21' on my recent trip to California. I thought that the rather Queen-like three stranded pearls featuring a diamante clasp fitted in beautifully with the 'Keep Calm & Carry One' message which has a crown in it.
BTW, I usally eschew The Message on a Tee Shirt, although I do delight in wearing clothes with high-end designer's names emblazoned all over them. And I know that 'Keep Calm Etc' has been done to death. It's on everything. But I still like it. So stuff it, I'm wearing it.

Here's the total look. What a shame that the ancient Paper Bark Tree (I had typed Paperback Tree which I much prefer, but I deleted it because I'm a Stickler for Accuracy) that I'm leaning against has graffiti.
The skirt was purchased for five bucks at 'Supre' Byron Bay on saturday. I was soo excited when I saw the 'Everything $5' sign  that I neglected to look at the size. When I got home, I discovered that the waist was almost big enough for a Barbie Doll to squeeze into. Luckily it was elasticised, so I just cut through it on either side & put it on.

It was soo lucky that I also bought this Tee Shirt with a Message at 'Supre' because it fits in beautifully with the Peace Love & Fluro Colours style at the Byron Bay markets that we attended on sunday.
I feel a little like a Senior Lady Di in that famous pre-engagement photo of her with the see-through skirt at the Kindergarten job she had before she became a princess.

Absolutely Nothing tempted me to buy at the markets, although one stall had a range of Left Handed Spoons.
Did I ever tell you that I'm Severely Left-Handed?

I found this Helpful & Easy to Use Book at a local cafe. All you do is think of a Life Question & then open the book on a random page & it will give you an answer.
It told me to 'Make it Up as You Go Along' which is exactly what I've been doing.
What an oracle!

This is Me & AJ in the background in Sale Mode. She bought the 'Hollywood' tee shirt that I am admiring because it featured a reference to The Roosevelt Hotel that I had photographed on my recent trip. I think she fancied herself staying there on her next trip.
Note how even inside a shop I'm wearing that sarong, this time as a scarf. I promise that as soon as I get home it will go Back to the Back of the Cupboard until next Summer Holiday.
Oh, I failed to mention that my air ticket was soo cheap that I could only take cabin baggage which suits me down to the ground for two reasons:
1. It presents a Wardrobe & Packing Challenge that slightly thrills me;
2. It cuts out that nail-bitingly awful time spent expectantly waiting at the Baggage Carousel for your bag to appear. I've never gotten over the time that long long ago my bags & those of Mr Ex-Middleaged & daughter Maeflower & step sons Tim & Tyler were lost at Heathrow Airport & we had to survive for weeks in the US with what felt like nothing.

Lastly, AJ in cut-offs shopping Bangalow. She sensibly bought them because she could easily wade in the surf without getting them wet.

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janavi said...

I think almost everyone has a D deficiency, especially in the northern hemisphere.

I really like F21 for jewels. Have never found any clothing there tho.