Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mum at Sea

Modern Travel just doesn't compare to Old Travel. Just imagine being tucked up in some cozy bed on an ocean liner with some poor servant dressed as a Nurse bringing you in a huge tray of breakfast with Doting Dadhusband looking on admiringly. I'm imagining that this Lady is recovering from a Nervous Breakdown or some other Trauma & that's why she SO deserves this trip.
Of course, there's no doubt that I Deserve My Upcoming Trip to the US.
Mr Middleaged spent half of his Frequent Flyer Points getting me there & back in Business Class. And he got it at the very last minute. Most of the time you have to book a year in advance to use your points, but God, or The Gods or The Goddesses or the whole lot of them put together must have been smiling down on me last week when he booked it.
I won't have my own Fabulously Appointed Stateroom but at least I'll be able to Lie Flat.

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see you there! said...

So what is the occasion for this trip? Doing the tourist thing, visiting old friends, shopping? All three?