Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Neighbourhood

In many ways, I'm living a Medieval Life. I live & work in an area that probably spans 300 metres. Every day I get up & roll down the hill to school, a trip that takes six minutes by foot. Along the way, I smile & wave at other locals before stopping at 'Zinc' cafe & getting the same takeaway breakfast that I've had for the past five or so years. Just about everything I need is in this one little area - food, nail artistry, lattes, deluxe thrift shopping, yoga & gym classes etc. etc etc. I have my hair cut as cheaply as I can find, which means that I have to go 'out of the area' to somewhere like 'Just Cuts' which charges $24 with no shampoo or blow dry. But apart from that, oh & the lousy bank, everything is here.
But what's interesting is, that although the area definitely has a 'village' feel to it, it's in the most densely populated square kilometre in Australia, & perhaps the Southern Hemisphere. I love making Large Important Claims like that. But it's true.
My area has super stylish people & shops, homeless people selling 'The Big Issue' which has now gone up to five bucks, many drug-addicts, heaps of boho eccentric types, including filmmakers & artists, & a decreasing number of Old People who die in their tiny apartments & often aren't discovered for weeks & sometimes, months. So it's a real MishMash.
Over the past couple of days, I've been documenting my journey up & down the hill & here's the highlights.
The first picture is a lady in the cafe who I've been admiring for years. I've never spoken to her & wouldn't impose myself , although I'm not too shy to post pictures I've taken of her on the web for the whole world to see. Some one told me she might be a curator, which sounds exotic & feeds my curiosity.
The next one is Elizabeth, a favourite 'Wardrobe Buddy' of mine, who I featured on this blog a number of times. I often see her in the mornings & she loves to pose in her wonderful outfits & 'Prada' bag. Her black 'Armani' shoes are featured next to my fab newly-thrifted YSL vintage flats in the next photo. I'm totally obsessed with these shoes which I bought from the local charity shop, 'Beatniks & Bohemians' & already have plans to make brooches from the buckles when the shoes fall apart.
Jill, the stylish owner of a hugely-popular & well-stocked store, 'Macleay on Manning' looks wonderful in her outfit. I would love to buy the 'Fornesetti' card screen they have for sale at I believe around $100,000, but at this stage I'll have to settle for taking a photo of it & yet another one of my shoes.

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see you there! said...

Great shots. I would definately wear Jill's outfit. Sounds like you live in a very interesting neighborhood.