Sunday, June 15, 2008

Many Happy Campfires

Friday night saw us going to another fundraising dinner silent auction extravaganza. This one was to raise money for a dead Aussie Country Singer Icon called Slim Dusty. Well, actually it was to raise money to set up a Museum in Slim's honour. I had been dreading going as, a. I'm anti-social on friday nights, b. I don't like country music much. Slim Dusty's music has been hugely popular in country Australia, but not with me. As I'm writing this, I feel that I'm being really blasphemous, as if I'm saying something shocking about Mother Teresa or something & at any moment, some avenging angel will crash through the window & strike me down.
But it seems to me that most of Slim's songs are Celebrations of Trucks & Drinking. His most famous song is called, 'The Pub with No Beer', quite a relevant song at the moment because the whole country is in high outrage about new government guidelines that say that more than four standard drinks a day constitutes 'binge drinking.'
I don't want to carry on about drinking, but I do want to mention Weight Loss which is always on my mind. Mr. Middleaged has also become weight obsessed, & in the photo he is showing off his new slimline look. He's only lost about 4kgs - 10 pounds but it's amazing how much difference that can make.

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