Monday, August 12, 2013


 Hello & Welcome to My New Ferrogamos.
Look above. You can see Everywoman's Style Icon, Audrey Hepburn being fitted by Salvatore Ferragamo himself in a pair of shoes that look a little Nun-like to me.
And Audrey herself doesn't look too pleased with them judging by the look on her face particularly in the second picture.
But what would I know?

 But one thing I do know is that I'm certainly v. pleased with my New Ferragamos. In fact, I'm so pleased that I twirled around the classroom like a crazed elderly Swirling Dervish, no offence to Dervishes whoever they are.
On second thoughts, I look more like I'm performing my daughter's favourite childhood song, "I'm a Little Teapot, Short & Stout" which is infinitely more apt.
Who can forget those Immortal Lines, 'When I get all Steamed Up, Hear me Shout!
                                                            Tip me Over, Pour me Out!' ?

 For months, I ached for a pair of them to arrive at 'BednobsEtc' in reasonable condition.
And as I have a Flexible Attitude towards shoe sizes, I wouldn't have even minded if they were a size bigger.
No problem. I would have simply worn innersoles & if I was still slipping out of them, I would have stuffed the ends with tissue paper. I've done it before. And I'll do it again.
Sadly, in spite of Massive Visualisations, where I imagined in my Mind's Eye a pair  magically appearing on the shoe rack next to a bedraggled pair of Nine West's, none came.
Time passed.
Existential Shoe Ennui set in. I just had to face the fact that I was not powerful enough to summon a pair of used Ferragamo Varas to the Op Shop. That's what they're called. Varas. I think that was Salvatore's daughter's name. But perhaps I'm venturing into Too Much Information Territory, a place I often visit.

And there was no way I could justify buying The Varas brand new as I actually bothered to trudge into the Ferragamo Shoppe in Sydney & Quelle Horreur, they were v. close to $600. 

Then one day, a pair of Bruno Magli patent shoes with Gold Discs on the front which collectively spelt out the name 'Bruno Magli' arrived. You can see them below in the last photo.
I immediately  became excited. Clearly, the Universe thought that I was better off with the Brunos.
And who am I to argue with the Universe?
They seemed a little roomy so I asked my Poor Sorrowful Cobbler who always seems to be in a permanent state of Quiet Desperate Misery to insert innersoles as well as re-sole them. He did.
I was All Set.
And then I wore them.
At first they were OK. But then, the next time I wore them, it seemed that they'd considerably widened in the interim. In fact, I had to grip on to the sole of the shoe with my ferocious toes to keep them on as I struggled down the street.
I decided to see this as A Sign.

I had to get my hands on some Varas.
So I consulted the Internet.
Within minutes I had managed to locate them at a fraction of the price on what appeared to be the Ferragamo Online Outlet Store. Only $158? How could this be?
But then when it came to nominate my size in the drop down menu, I was gripped with indecision.
I hadn't bought a new pair of shoes in what seemed like eons.
And, strange as this may sound,  I  suspected that my feet had Actually Grown over the past year or two which I had weirdly blamed on my flexible attitude to shoe sizes.

So, I decided to indulge in a new pastime that my daughter Maeflower informs me is called Showrooming. What a Grand Name.
What you do is, go into a Real Bricks & Mortar Store with Real things to buy that you can actually feel & try on.
You select what you want & then pick up your mobile device & buy it online.
That's exactly what I did only I waited until I got home to buy them.
It was the least I could do.
I can't really understand why the Varas were so much cheaper online. But then, there's loads of things that I don't understand.
Like how the can opener works.
But that's a whole other story.

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jazz said...

Hi There young lady,

As the title says, i have a funny request for you. You must wear black navy tights and do some karate moves punching and kicking and one of the shoots must be one of your students lying down the ground, pretending to be K.O. and the you put your one of your feet in their chest and raise your hand in victory.

I'll be honored to see your answer