Sunday, October 6, 2013

I, Too, Was at Fashion Week, Or At Least It Felt Like It.

 What a time I've had.
New York, London, Milan & not forgetting Paris.
But who can ever forget Paris?

Thanks to the miracle of Modern Technology, we can all have the virtual experience of being Somewhere Else. And the Somewhere Else that I went to was outside the recent Fashion Shows. Sadly, I didn't exactly get inside the shows themselves,  but I was where all the real action was going on - Outside.
And as I've always considered myself an Outsider, I felt right at Home.
Here I am above, pounding the Parisian cobblestones with Emmanuelle Alt, the much-copied editor of French Vogue, who I guess is currently the epitome of  Effortless Chic, a much coveted elusive brand that is the Holy Grail of Fashion.
You know what I mean - that look that casually says, 'I have a v.v. full & fascinating life so I don't really have time to think too hard about how I look. I just throw a few things together at the last moment, & somehow it just seems to work'.
I am almost but not quite, puking in my mouth.
Note that Emmanuelle is wearing a simple tank watch, probably a Cartier & a simple understated  bangle, whereas I am wearing huge try-hard bangles with text on them as well as a huge o'ersized black flower which you can't really see in the photo, but trust me, is there.

And here I am in New York with Uber-Fashionista  Giovanna Battaglia. 
I was totally thrilled that we were both on the same Black & White Page on the day we were photographed together on our way to a show which of course I didn't bother attending.
I don't think for a moment that Giovanna's huge o'ersized Pilgrim  Fathers Belt impedes her Effortless Chic status, although it does look a little like she's leaning to one side with the weight of it.
But that's just probably my sour grapes for wearing those Nun Tights. And one too many strand of pearls.
If you'd like more of Giovanna, you could check out a blog dedicated to her called
I haven't really looked properly at it, but it looks interesting & besides I adore the name & would love to start another blog with a similar name - I Want to Be an Effortless Chick Dotcom. But I wouldn't dare because I can hardly post on this blog.
And I do love Della.
Even though I nastily neglect her at times.

 One thing that I was pleasantly surprised to note outside the shows was the appearance of Flat Heeled Shoes.
It almost felt that I'd actually willed this to happen. How could I have so much influence, I wondered?
Note that I'm not wearing my Ferrogamo Veras which  spend most of their time inside the box they came in because I want to keep them in pristine condition & also sadly because they are a tad tight across the toes.
Instead, I'm wearing marvellous thrifted Bruno Maglis which are stuffed at the ends with tissue paper because they're a half size too big & have a tendency to fall off when I'm nimbly hopping down the steet.

 The highlight of My Fashion Week came when Bill Cunningham, the famous street photographer wanted to take my photo outside one of the shows that I didn't bother attending.
I know, I know it looks like he's really photographing that Other Person & I've just muscled in.
But actually, Photographs Do Lie. It was me that he wanted, not her.

 It looks like I'm having a Jewelry Face Off (is that the right term? I wonder) in the photo above.
But I think the lady on the left won even though I've got those all those grey pearls wrung so tightly around my neck that I'm about to choke.
Perhaps it's Play Off?
Or Stand Off? Yes, stand off sounds better.

 Again, like the appearance of Flat Shoes, I was amazed at how my influence had spread across the fashion world. It was almost embarressing that this Effortless Chick & I arrived wearing almost the same Chanel outfit, only hers was a kind of bomber jacket with Chanel written on it & mine was an o'ersized rip off shirt with no Chanel on it that had probably been previously owned by an elderly member of the Double Bay Bridge Club.
But who would notice such things?

I've saved the Big Guns until last.
Above, I'm hanging out with Queen Anna Dello Russo who has an adjoining apartment in Milan just for her wardrobe. We couldn't get over how we had unconsciously channelled each other on the day by wearing similar green outfits & baroque accessories!

Finally, I'm crossing the road with Carine Roitfeld, the ex-editor of Paris Vogue & the Patron Saint of French Dressing, although I don't think her style is Quite Effortless Chic. Her shoes are far too complicated  for that look.
Who knew that Carine & I are v. close in age?

My Real or is it Realish life begins again on Tuesday with the start of Term 4.
As usual, the year is rapidly drawing to a close & I've already seen my first sign of Christmas in a shop.


Rebecca said...

Yes. Your influence is definitely spreading - spanning the continents! Trans-continental, even.

How happy I was when "Della" appeared at the top of my sidebar list. I think I actually missed the last post you did. Life has taken an unexpected twist for me. I find my on-line time limited currently. But how thrilled I am to be caught up in the fashion department thanks to the Fashion Week that Was. :)

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

OK. Let's try again.

Have you seen this? (45 minutes worth - but quite inspiring, really....)

janavi said...

So cute and clever. Very jealous of your computer skills. And Effortless Chic makes me also want to puke. So arrogant I think.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Janavi, you have completely nailed what is wrong with Effortless Chic! It's the smug arrogance that gets to me.
Hope you are well