Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Too Much Information"

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Yesterday was the school's Annual Swimming Carnival in a faraway suburb. I managed to sneak away at lunch time to check out the thrifting possibilities. I found a large St Vincent de Paul charity shop which initially didn't look too promising. But it's amazing (or perhaps not ) what you can find if you persist trawling through those racks!
I found this plaid skirt & patterned top. It's the sort of mish-mash that would have done my poor Mother's head in if she saw it. A while ago, I discovered the joys of mixing patterns & I've never looked back. It's so much fun to see what you can put together from seemingly unlikely combinations. It's kind of Deluxe Nerd Dressing.
But it's a look that's not for everybody. Recently, I posted a photo on wardrobe remix that combined ocelot footless tights with a brown patterned pleated skirt. One of my contacts, commented that the clashing patterns was "too much information". English is probably not her first language, but I understood what she meant. I may not be the channeller of conventional 'good taste' but at least I have a good time with my wardrobe!
Brown patterned 'Portmans' top
'Suzanne Grae' plaid skirt
Royal blue footless tights (forgot)
creme & red sandals thrifted from The Wayside Chapel
Matching cuffs from H&M
Homemade necklace.
Almost 100% Thrifted!


dana said...

Deluxe Nerd Dressing. That is hilarious. Can I use it?

Della Street Dreaming said...

I'd love you to dana

Della Street Dreaming said...
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