Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Necklaces Made By Me

I've been constructing necklaces for years. Sometimes I sell them but mostly I just wear them myself. But after seeing all the wonderful etsy sellers on flickr I'm wondering if I should setup my own little shop. It might be fun if I don't allow myself to be an hysteric over the admin side of things. 
The photo on the left is a close up of some of my 'raw materials'. You can see the largish brown pendant near my thumb features in the necklace on the far right in the photo on the right. 
I name all my creations; clockwise, from left: 'Wooden Heart', 'My Friend Flickr', 'Magic Medal', 'Dora the Explorer' 'High Priestess' & 'Carmen Miranda'. 


The Seeker said...

I just found that you've a blog now.
I like to check your looks at middleagedteacher in Flick and even made a post with your photo on my blog.
I think you must be a very confident woman, to wear all that, and I love it.
So I hope you'll post often, and I'll check it.


Christy said...

I love your necklaces. I think you'd do well on etsy; at least, I would want to buy from you. :-)