Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Tools for Enlightenment

Right, that's it, I've had it.
 I know that's not a v. friendly way to start, but I'm sure you'll understand, O Reader when I tell you that I've been trying for what seems like Hours & hours to upload loads of photos onto Nasty Blogger & it Won't Let Me. A Blank Rectangle just comes up. Is this perhaps a Metaphor for my Life, I wonder? What is Wrong?  What a shame because I had soo much to Show & Tell.
Like a photo I took today of a dog inside a parked car. And one of Me in front of some grafitti. And a photo of a Sticky Date Pudding I made.
You'll just have to Imagine them instead. Imagine your favourite dog inside a car. Imagine me in black again. Imagine a Dark Brown Pudding.

Look, above at all those beautiful bunches of Roses. Yes, you guessed it. I'm on Holidays.
Again? you may respond.
Yes, again. This time for three weeks. I'm already half way through my first week & I haven't spent any time at all Watching TV During Daylight Hours. You may think that this is a Big Plus, but for me it isn't. Certainly Not.
 My ambition is to be able to sit in front of the TV at any time of the day or nite without the slightest bit of Ennui or feelings of Hopelessness or Meaninglessness or Worst of the Worst, Guilt.
Imagine  an entire day of back-to-back episodes of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'  with a whole mess of Game Shows thrown in as well? I wonder if they still make 'Blankety Blanks' & 'Wheel of Fortune', which incidentally had an audience of  75 million people once upon a time.
Anyway, I'm sure if the Dalai Lama spent a day watching TV he'd feel great. And so will I.
Who would have ever thought that watching Daytime TV could be used as Tool for Enlightenment?

Here's my First Holiday Outfit. Note that it's Black. Why do I keep on feeling guilty about wearing Black? No one else does. Darla wears Guilt-Free Black. And so does Rebecca.
So how the hell  am I going to be Enlightened if I can't wear black without feeling guilty? And when am I going to stop asking all these silly rhetorical questions?
But perhaps you are answering them for me. I'd like it if you did. And then you could tell me what to think.

Important Points About #1 Holiday Outfit:
* Note I'm wearing thrifted 'Anne Klein' Mules. At least that's what I think they're called. High heels with no  backs on them. I do wonder why they're called Mules. Surely it can't be because Real Mules have feet or even hooves like that?  Anyway, they're super-convenient. All I do is yank myself  out of the Unsightly Ugg Boots & slide into the Mules & I'm ready for a latte. Or for anything really.
*Note I'm wearing loads of little dainty silver & gold necklaces which is not my usual style, but maybe it will be from now on. They were generously donated to me by a grateful student whose mother was throwing them out & then they thought of me.

Holiday Outfit #2:
More Black, but this time mixed with Grey.
Can you believe that the jacket is a real not Toy 'Valentino'? I bought it with a matching skirt which is about two sizes too small for me at 'BednobsEtc'. I can't tell you how gorgeous it is to wear & how I can totally understand why if you had loads of dough you'd only wear couture. But because I can't quite allow myself the Perfection of Wearing a Valentino, I have done a strange thing.  Here's what it is: Some time back, the middle button came off. Luckily, I saved it & placed it in a prominent position where I wouldn't lose sight of it. But then, I didn't bother sewing it back on. So, I wore it with a Big Gap where the button should be.
Holiday Treats:
1. Guiltlessly staying up  waaay past Official Bedtime.
2. Stumped.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, perhaps you need to get a Mac or an iBook. That's my answer to all technical problems.

Secondly, I once attended a talk by a respected Buddhist scholar who observed that watching TV is very similar to meditation. Seeeee?

Enjoy your holiday!!

see you there! said...

Oh yes, I'd steal any one of your black outfits right out of your closet! I wore a pair of light khaki pants and a white shirt the other day and every time I passed a mirror I thought "Who IS that woman?" Felt strange.