Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where Am I?

 Remember when I said that I'm in America?
Well, here's some photos that MAY or May Not prove that I'm actually there.
Or here.
I Might be pretending.
You decide.

One of my favourite pastimes when in Los Angeles is to take photos inside a car whilst it's moving.
It's the natural thing to do.
Here's a couple of Instagrams that I may have taken on my iPhone just after I finally got out of LAX.
You may wonder who John Carter is & why his name is featuring on a v. large billboard.
It may be Tarzan's Real Name.

This next photo, below may have been taken on Thousand Oaks Boulevard whilst in Marge's car. We both loved the Stigmaterised Burning Hands joined in Prayer.

 It seems that every time I go away I leave some Important Electronic Device at home. This time it was the turn of my Nikon Camera Charger to be left behind. You'd think that it would be easy to get another one. Of course not.
1. I went to 'Best Buy'. They sold me the Wrong One.
2. Thousand Oaks Mall no longer has a camera store.
3. Finally, the friendly staff at Hooper's Cameras were able to order one in for me. That's me, below trying my best to fit in with the rest of the other tripods in the store.
Note I'm wearing a Comme de Garcons for Adidas sporty top & a hankerchief hem skirt that is perhaps a little too reminiscent of Stevie Nicks. But still do love 'Gold Dust Woman' & even 'Landslide'.
BTW, I wonder if you can call a item a 'Designer Label' if its like the one above. Or Missoni for Target which I'm so sour I wasn't here for. Or Versace for H&M which I'm even more sour about. In fact, I'm soo desperate to get my hands on a V for H&M that I'm going to plead with Marge to drive me to the nearest H&M which May be in Pasadena. Maybe they'll have some left.

Even though the Huge Mall didn't have a camera store, it did have Anthropologie. We don't have this store in Australia, but there is nothing in the next two photos to indicate that I'm not simply visiting any boutique in Sydney. Unless, of course you've just been to Anthro & seen the display of letters, below.

I wonder if the Universe is trying to tell me something?

 I'm carrying a little shopping bag that I bought at 'Forever 21, along with the cheapest colourful footless tights I've ever bought that are coming up in the next photo or so.

 Yesterday, we MAY have gone to the v. large Salvation Army Depot at Newbury Park to stock up on supplies. If this place was in Australia it would be called The Salvos Depot.
I'm sure it's been years since anyone's called it by it's full name. Even The Salvos themselves.
Marge found a v. large poncho that we had a fine time playing with.
Note I'm wearing the v. colourful F21 footless tights. It's my little concession to colour.

 Lastly, Marge urge me to try on a v. tailored jacket clearly custom made for a Small Child. I resisted the urge to purchase it, but did make some quite good other purchases that will fit in nicely with the Patrician Section of my wardrobe that heavily features Navy, Toy Gold & Pearls.
I bought:
1. A v. convincing Toy Gold fob watch chain that Marge spent quite some time closely examining in case the Salvation Army People hadn't realised that it was Real Gold.
2. Pearl & Gold clip on earrings
3. A blue & white striped shirt.
Total price: $21.90
Luckily, I bought my Navy Toy Chanel scarf with me. I'm all set.

Well, do you think that I'm in America?

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see you there! said...

Ok, ok, LA is fine but tell me, when are you going to visit the Republic of Berkeley?