Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Unparalled Cuteness

Apparently, Rabbits Don't Have Ears That Long.
Last sunday, I woke up v. early only to realise that I was totally out of Little Sachets of Apple & Cinnamon Flavoured Instant Oats.
Undaunted, I quickly dressed & scampered down the hill to the Supermarket, hoping against hope that no one would see me Without Make Up & wearing Uggs.
But half way down the hill, I stopped in my tracks when I came upon this Large Gaggle of Rabbits in the window of 'Macleay on Manning', a shop that sells Missoni Towels & Fornasetti Everything & Limoges Coffee Mugs & Prada Room Spray . And obviously Rabbits .
Perhaps you may prefer to call them Bunnys.
I was enchanted. They were adorable. And they meant Easter.
And Holidays.
As quick as a flash I took a photo with my iPhone.
But just as I was taking the photo, the spell was quickly broken by a neighbour, who stopped, took one quick look at the window & remarked, 'Sinister, aren't they?'
'Pourquoi', I inquired.
'Look at the way they're just sitting there staring at us. And they're all different. No two rabbits are the same. And what's with the ears? Rabbits don't have ears that long'.
Clearly, I'd unknowingly stumbled into a Parallel Universe.

 I'd certainly moved into a parallel universe in the photo above, taken in a Science Lab at school last week. Rarely do I venture to these parts, even though there's all kinds of enticing things to ogle at, like frog's fetuses & tiny dinosaur skeletons & dangerously fetid fish tanks with piranhas swimming in them. And models of the Human Heart like the one below.
Note I'm wearing a large Toy Dior scarf & a rather Nasty Spiked Bracelet that reflects my Inner Rage.

Did you know that the Semi-Colon reached its Peak of Popularity in 1800 & has been in decline ever since? Personally, I wouldn't give a rat's if it Completely Disappeared Tomorrow Morning, although I know certain people who hold great affection for it.
I mean, why bother?
But there's one Punctuation Mark that I do value.
The Question Mark. You can see one with a little noose hanging from it  in the photo below. I hope you don't think I'm being too maudlin or anything. I was just visually representing a line from a novel- 'The question hung in the air like a noose in the gallows'.
Let's Lighten Up.
In the photo below,  I'm having a Slight Wardrobe Malfunction because I wore my usual black singlet under the Ruffled Dusty Pink Pirate Shirt & it made its presence a little too felt. But I cheered myself up every time I looked down at the red & white Bruno Magli shoes I thrifted in Palm Springs this past  January.

 Smiling Coquettishly at Death.
I'm teaching a novel at the moment that's full of Death.  Small time thugs being found dead in cellars with their tongues cut out. People having their legs broken, that sort of thing. It's kind of Stomach-Turning, but I'm just waving & smiling through it all while I coquettishly point to the word 'Death' on the whiteboard, below.
I'm wearing a newly-thrifted miliary style dress in one of my favourite colours, Lite Elephant. 
On each wrist is a matching leather cuff with a strip of Toy Gold at the front.
I do love a Cuff. They're fun & classy.
Around my waist is a Toy Gucci belt. I'm just a Walking Toy Designer Brand.

 I decided to end this entry with a Cute Photo, just like the Nitely News likes to end their bulletins with a Cutesy Story like Marmosets dressed as jockeys riding Dogs on a Racetrack.  Or piglets doing Something Adorable.
The kitten below is called Dolly. She belongs to The Head of English who brought her to school because she was desexed & had to wear an Elizabethan Style Ruff around her neck which she kept on trying to get off. So, Dolly had to be Closely Monitored at School.
I think every Workplace, even an Abbatoir would definitely benefit by having a Pet.
 It humanises the place.

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janavi said...

Bunnies seem a little strange to me too, but I love the spikey bracelet.