Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Like Me, Teacup Pigs Cry Real Tears

 Hello & Welcome to My Queen's Birthday Long Weekend.
What a week!
As well as marking 97 exam papers & then another 89 exam papers, I had a full schedule keeping up with the Queen's Jubilee.
I sailed along the Thames in the Royal Barge with Her Majesty as she stood for hours & hours at the helm. I wondered if I could stand for that long. I certainly couldn't do it without complaining. Or at least sneering.
I felt Slightly Squeamish at the sight of Paul McCartney's Freshly Dyed Hair at the Royal Concert & wondered how all those years ago, I could have screamed into a cushion so my parent's couldn't hear me when I listened to him singing 'All My Lovin'.
I cried when Prince Charles began his speech to his mother with 'Your Majesty......Mummy'.
And I wondered what on earth could be done about Prince William's massive Bald Issue. Sadly, I couldn't come up with a Remedy. Perhaps Military Caps.

Not satisfied with all the excitement of the Jubilee, midweek I squealed with delight when discovering The Teacup Piglet. I'm sure that they've been aeronautically engineered or whatever you call it in a charmlessly disgusting way & that Pig's Rights Activists are up in arms, but it still doesn't stop them being cute.
Look at the photo above, & you'll see me fondling a couple of Teacups who just happened to wander into the classroom at the v. moment when I was giving a lesson on Futility & The Human Condition. Note I'm wearing a vintage Italian Wool Knit Dress by Spinelli that has a small hole in it.  Yellow is supposed to be Big Right Now. Sadly, I was wearing Black Undergarments which showed through & spoiled the effect somewhat. But luckily, the Teacups didn't notice.
One Startling Fact about The Teacup: Apparently, they cry Real Tears

I'm having quite a time with Blogger right now trying to organise
the photos & the text. It won't let me do what I want to do which sounds like a Microcosm for the Rest of my Life.
So it's Not MY Fault that everything is a little Higgledypiggledy in this Blog Entry. But maybe it always is.
Anyway, follow my Easy Directions & you'll get the General Gist!
Look above at the Two Photos. They are linked.
On the left is a gift of a beautiful bangle I received in the mail yesterday from Thousand Oaks Ca. It was from Bernisse who is on the left of the photo on the right.
 Are you with me?
Recently, Bernisse was in Italy & became acquainted with the Designer Brand 'Furla'. Knowing my penchant for Upscale Designer Brand Merchandise particularly if the Brand Name appears on the item, Bernisse purchased the bangle for me & sent it inside the little Branded Carry Bag that it came in.
I was thrilled! If you look carefully, you can see that 'Furla' is stamped on the bangle.
Now go back to the picture on the right. That is my BFF Marge who is wearing a dress which she describes as a Bandage Dress. It is from 'Anthropologie' & they call it, a 'Bailey Dress'. I'm not sure why. After David Bailey the photographer or perhaps Christopher Bailey, the creative director of Burberry?
Anyway, the dress looks great on her. Who would have thought that a dress that fits like a bandage would be so flattering? After all, you don't look at a person's bandaged limb & think how smart it looks, do you?

Now, go back to the photo of me Smugly Posing in a 'Simply Vera' by Vera Wang long cardi that I purchased at my favourite shop, 'BednobsEtc' for under $20.

As usual, I'm getting to the end & I can't be bothered telling you about my outfits.This always happens.
 One item is an Ungaro. Another item is a Diana Von Furstenberg. I'm sure you can work out which ones which.
 It's early Sunday Evening & I have a pot of Gravy Beef  on the stove that I'm cooking for hours & hours & will eventually become a Tasty Soup to serve to my Sunday Nite Mad Men Dinner Guests who will arrive in the next couple of hours so I must go. But not before I tell you how Rivetting Series Five is. But maybe you know this already.


Rebecca said...

We don't have cable but watched a Katie Couric special earlier in the week, reruns of the regatta (which I REALLY would have loved to have seen), and the concert last night. I loved every minute of what I saw.

I totally missed the piglets - so just skimmed right over that part of your post. I should go back and read it - cause it feels like I was dropped cold at the abrupt ending and needed some kind of a winding down from the excitement of your outfits, etc.

If I had a Bandage Dress, I might feel a bit more secure. I wonder if I'd look as good as your friend (or is it your friend's friend?).

And how do you punctuate the previous sentence?

You really shouldn't leave it up to readers like me to sort out which designer piece is which either....

Well, with these "helps" I expect your next post to be so well organized that even the Queen would be proud to claim you.

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see you there! said...

Tea cup piggies? Are they for real? I think I'll stick to cats in the pet department.