Monday, September 10, 2012

Sleeping Before Midnite

Hello. It's about fifteen minutes until my Official Bedtime which is at 10 pm. It is essential that I hop into bed & try & get as much sleep before midnite as I can because I read in some book about Being Old & Fabulous At the Same Time that the Sleep you Get Before Midnite is far superior to sleep after Midnite.
BTW, Talking of Being Fabulous, Rebecca & Darla, you could never ever be Invisible. I would love to talk more about this, but I'm Racing Against the Clock, so you'll just have to imagine what more I might want to say to you both.
That's five minutes gone. I'm going to have to think & type faster.
Look above. It's a sign that was posted outside my school to v. daintily advertise the fact that we had a Spring Fair. It was a wonderful day which I spent selling clothes  that had been donated by The School Community.
Here I am taking a well -earned break from the stall which incidentally made loads more money than the one I had the previous week at Rozelle Markets. Sadly, I  didn't get to pocket any of it.
I'm holding a School Balloon & wearing what could be mistaken for a tablecloth. But it isn't. It's a skirt with v. low slung pockets that I got at BednobEtc. for Five bucks. I totally love it & would love to have one in every tablecloth pattern imaginable. On the top, I'm wearing a v. old beaded cardigan that I bought some years ago from a vintage clothing store that used to be on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica Ca, which of course is sadly not there anymore because the whole joint has just got Mall Stores in it now which is kind of a shame.
Here I am at my stall. You can see that I've used my usual Merchandising Approach which is just to pile everything up like its a big Junk Heap & let people rummage. Note I'm wearing my Favourite Ever Text Laden Bangles. 
At the end of the day I was exhausted. Not only did I have to make all the prices up on the spot & then tell people what a wonderful bargain they were getting & then take the money & worse still, give them back the correct change, on top of all of this I found myself giving Parent/teacher interviews as well.
'That's five dollars thanks. Yes, I've got change for a fifty dollar bill. Thank you'.
'Oh, hello Mrs. Blah. Yes, Hermia has really settled down. Her iPhone hasn't gone off once in class this term. We're really making progress.'
'No, I haven't got that in a size 12.'
'Yes, Helvetia performed much better in the last assessment task, even though it was a speech, & I know how much she doesn't like public speaking'.
'I said it was two dollars'.
'Yes, I think the medication is finally making a difference'.
Thanks. Enjoy'.

Talking of Bangles, the Colourful Parent in the neighbouring stall who was selling the most adorable little tutus that were made by Single Mothers in Indonesia & who all our girls bought & then sasheyed around, in had the most wonderful Motherlode of Louis Vuitton bangles on which I spent most of the day when I had a spare minute which wasn't often, drooling over.
I am desperate to get my hands on these bangles. In fact, I carried on so much about them that the Colourful Parent said that she would send her daughter back from holidaying in Indonesia next term with some for me. It would be Heaven if she does.
It's now 24 minutes after my Official Bedtime.
I'm now going to go into Dot Points.
* BednobsEtc. Saturday Morning. Young man tries on Vintage Toy Versace Top from the three dollar rack.
* Desperate to tear it off him. It's a woman's top anyway.

* BednobsEtc. Saturday Morning Still. Fascinated by 'Success/Journey/Live Your Dream Snow Dome.
* Didn't buy it though.
 * Lunchtime School.
* Wearing Dana Buchman purple blazer donated for our School Op Shop Parade by a Student who claimed it belonged to her Aunt who is a Newsreader.
* Always wanted to be a Newsreader, but not for the News, just for the Outfits.

* I wake at dawn. Here's what it looks like from my rooftop.

* A Cake made by a Student for the Edible Book Festival.
*It spoke My Language.

* Every morning I stand here & wait for my coffee.
* Only two cups a day.
* I'm always seeing this dog on my way to school. He totally ignores me.

 * Shop window near my Apartment Building.

*OMG. Am at end & so soon. Dot points are the answer.
*Diane Von Furstenberg silk wrap dress. I have six. I'm not bragging. Just stating a fact.
* One last Dot - Coach had a big sale last week on eBay. I was denied entry.


Trixie Drew said...

Love the parent teacher interview comments.

see you there! said...

I want a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, I really do. You have 6? As the kids say "its not fair!"


janavi said...

Love the tablecloth outfit. That vintage sweater is beautiful. All the good shops have disappeared, its true.

Vix said...

I love a pile it high sell it cheap stall. I'd have been over there like a shot! x