Monday, August 27, 2012

She's a Little Bit Country, I'm a Little Bit Rock'nRoll

 It's been almost a month since my last blog entry & I feel Slightly Sheepish. You know how you feel when you haven't bothered calling a friend for a while & then you finally make the call? Or worse still, when you accidentally bump into them after a Long Unexplained Silence.
Well, that's how I feel right now.
And, where do I begin?
I think the photo above is as good a place to start as any, don't you?
It's a photo of My Stall that I had at Rozelle Markets in Sydney with my friend, The Ex-School Nurse & her daughter, Guinevere. It was last Sunday.

Above is Guinevere. She is Certainly Not holding one of her own Pre-loved items that were in Great Demand at our Stall.
No. It is an acrylic jumper dating from a Time That Style Forgot. It was part of a v. large collection of clothes that Audrey, a 99 year old local friend has stashed away in her home with a view to possibly opening her own Clothing Shop, a long-held Dream . I applaud Audrey's optimism.
She had donated the jumper to our stall, along with a couple of other items from that v. same Time Period just to Test the Waters & see if they would sell .
Sadly, they didn't.
 Perhaps we were at the Wrong Market.

Separated at Birth?
Here's the ExS-N & me posing at Our Stall. I wouldn't go as far as to say we are dressed the same.  I think it's more accurate to say that we are Dressed Sympathetically. 
As I type, I'm reminded of Donny & Marie Osmond - Marie if you can remember, was 'a little bit country' & Donny was ' a little bit rock'n roll'. But I'm not quite sure if : a. it's a fair comparison; or b. which one I am anyway.
I personally favour Donny.
But more on this later.

One of the most exciting parts of having to stand in a Market Stall all day is to look at what people of all ages are wearing. And then to photograph them.
I do like the Colour Combination of this lady who I remembered  last year when we had a stall telling me emphatically that she only wears blue.
Clearly, she lied.
But I do totally love the blue & green together which I enjoy wearing myself particularly because in Former Times, Blue & Green could Never Be Seen. Still such a Rebel.
BTW, can you tell her age?
I'll tell at the end.

I was thrilled to come across this gorgeous Expectant Mum whose Colourful Style made me want to burn all my Black Clothes & start dressing like an Indian Goddess, preferably the one with more than the usual amount of Arms so I can do more. But not the one with a Blue Face. That would be a bit much.
I can't remember the Goddesses name. Maybe Kali. I know it's not Ganesh because that one looks like Babar The Elephant & who wants to look like that, no offence to elephants .

Anyway, here's the Lovely Expectant Mum   photographed with her daughter who was experiencing a Strange Phantom Pregnancy of her own, even though she was only three.
Moments after I took this photo, daughter lifted up her dress & pulled out a medium sized toy sheep.
If only childbirth was that easy.

Multi-Tasking for Dummies
I wish I could remember Expectant Mum's name. In fact, I don't think I can remember any of the names of the people I photographed who I bothered to ask their names on the day. Please forgive me, I was Multi-Tasking in a v. flustered way at the time.
But I do love her hair. It's soo Edgy Heidi.

I wonder if anyone remembers that even though I'm certainly not one of those Middleagedwomen who totally carry on about Paris, I do have a Great love for Le Tour Eiffel?
 I'm not sure why. Maybe it's a Past Life Thing.
In fact, I've only ever been to Paris once, in 1974 when I was 21 & I was chased out of the Longchamps where I was camping by a Drag Queen Prostitute because she thought I was stealing her territory. It was quite a thrilling story that I dined out on for years after, along with the story of how I was constipated for sixteen days in Spain because I didn't like the look of the toilets. They were nothing like the ones that I'd grown up with in Bondi, Sydney.
Anyway, do look at this lovely brooch of Le Tour which is almost magical because it has a clear background so it changes to the colour of whatever Sally (I hope & pray) is wearing.

I'm sure you can see why I took the photo above.

And this one.
And this one.
Oh, & also this one.
Perhaps I'm getting a little repetitive. It's because I'm exhausted & desperate to get into bed in about five minutes max. I don't want to sit her for hours & wrestle with The Right Words to Write. Instead, I want to hop into bed & even though I will have freshly cleaned my teeth with Whitening Toothpaste which I desperately hope is making what teeth I have left look whiter, I will attempt to eat a Tangelo. Last time I ate one, it was Slightly Sour. I'm more optimistic about this one.

Can we spot any Current Fashion Trends in these photos, I wonder?
* French Stripes.
* Florals (oh God, I remember when I was perhaps 16 & florals were called Granny Prints & they were all the rage & I loved them & I had a Granny Print dress but now I can't for the life of me remember what it looked like, only I know that I had one in this life, not in a Parallel Universe)
* Colour Blocking.
* 1960s Nightclub.

I've photographed the lady above before. She always wears loads of interesting accoutrements rather than accessories  since this blog entry seems to have a Distinctly Franglais feel to it. Last time I photographed her, she was swathed in Bakelite. This time it's Tortoisehell.

Towards the end of the day, this v. expressive Italian lady bought a gorgeous black trench coat from The Ex-SN. I photographed her just at the moment when I was asking her if I could take her photo.
She couldn't understand why I would want to.
I'm not sure if I gave her a satisfactory explanation. Words failed me.

And here we are at the end of the day looking nothing like Donny & Marie Osmond. Note that I'm wearing a brand new Toy Chanel Belt. And I'm also wearing pants which is a v. rare occasion as I do feel that I look like Toulouse Lautrec in them.
We had a whale of a time.
Oh, BTW, the Headless Woman was over 60. Did you pick it?


Rebecca said...

A 60+ woman myself, I frequently feel headless, too. Therefore I guessed the age of The Woman.

Now, tangelos will ALWAYS taste slightly sour after brushing your teeth! Next time, try eating it before you brush.

Don't be a stranger. I need my Della Fixes far more frequently than they've been coming lately!

(By the way, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to prove that I'm not a robot here after commenting. Can you do anything about that?)

see you there! said...

I second everything Rebecca said. That way I don't have to type much.

I'll just add being a 60+ woman means I usually have to make at least 3 tries to prove I'm not a robot. At that point I begin to think maybe I am so I just go away.