Monday, December 17, 2012


Here I am at the gate at Sydney Airport en route to Los Angeles.
You can see the security man behind me which adds a certain charming authenticity to this v.v. brief  blog entry.
The challenge is, can I get through this in approximately ten minutes which is the estimated time until boarding?
I am struggling with concentration because of the incessant announcements urgently pleading Rogue Passengers to board their Air China flight which is waiting for them. What the hell are these people doing? Spraying themselves with Chanel in the Duty Free which is just what I've done, only I've sprayed myself silly with Dior Diorrescence. Chanel smells like Cat's Wee to my v. thin nose.
I'm wearing a Toy Chanel scarf with a Mela Purdie little black dress which is more like a Top, footless tights & loafeers with a gold chain across the top. Pearl earrings.
Discreet. Confident. At Ease.
What a joke.
At least I've got an aisle seat. It's fourteen hours. I wonder if James Bond's Skyfall will be showing on my little individual screen. I've already seen it & its about twenty minutes too long. I thought that the villain would never die. But I didlike the look of Daniel Craig except when he removed some nasty shrapnel from one of his pecs.
Just heard one of the Virgina Australia staff saying that it's a full flight.
Time to Board.

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see you there! said...

Welcome to California! Hope it was a good flight.