Thursday, August 26, 2010

Discovering My Inner Karl Lagerfeld

Op Shop Parade & Stall.
The story so far:
In a rare moment of largesse, Middleagedteacher decided to hold a fundraising Op Shop Parade & Stall at her school. All proceeds would go to local charities.
She half-heartedly asked the school community of adolescent schoolgirls & their middleaged mothers as well as fellow teachers to donate their unwanted clothes. Imagine her surprise when they actually Did do as she asked?
Some donations included dresses with the store tags on them. Other donations suffered badly from mould. Perhaps they were a mistake. Still other donations included large fluffy dressing gowns with cloud & clown motifs.
It was Middleagedteacher's job to sift through all this & find Outfits for girls to wear in the Parade. If only Little Karl Lagerfeld were there to help her!

The Parade is on tomorrow. She is feeling a little sick in the stomach & a Junior Migraine is threatening. That's a migraine without the vomiting. But of course Middleagedteacher is Never One to Complain, even though she's a Half-Empty-Glass kind of gal.

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Rebecca said...

Use the half of your glass that's full and gulp down some pain relievers for that Junior Migraine, you hear?!

I just know it will all come out fine AND I'm really, really looking forward to a play-by-play of the parade! Wish I were there in the Press Box to view firsthand.