Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Make Popular Our Love at the Four Corners

Food Update.
I've just eaten some superb chicken soup that I quickly made using tender little free range chicken thighs. I feel full but virtuous because I didn't shovel in a whole gigantic wedge of brie or a swag of raw mixed nuts as well. Those two things are my almost favourite snacks.
But of course I'm not here to Walk You Through my Dietary Habits. I'm here to talk about Outfits. That's what I decided The Topic de Jour would be.
Sadly, Della has decided otherwise. She now wants to tell you that she made another superb soup on sunday nite for her Non-Mad Men dinner. It was soo quick 'n easy & Everyone Drooled. Tyler, my stepson willingly took home the leftovers to eat for lunch the next day.
Here is the recipe. Skip this section if you are a Non-Cook.
Frozen Green Pea Soup.
1 large packet of frozen peas.
1. large container of chicken stock. Or perhaps you make your own. I know Barbra Streisand did in at least one of her movies. Not 'Yentl'. Maybe 'What's Up Doc'. That doesn't seem right, though.
1 brown onion chopped roughly. Chopping onions always makes me weep! If only I could be more like Meryl Streep when she was Julia Child in 'Julia & Julia'. Meryl chopped hundreds of them without shedding a single tear. No wonder she's won all those Oscars.
Handfuls of Mint.
Handfuls of coriander.
Gently fry onions in extra virgin olive oil under they become transparent. That's what all recipes say. Pour in chicken stock. Pour in frozen peas. Throw in herbs. Cook until peas turn a slight olive green colour. Blend in blender until smooth. Add pepper & salt. I am addicted to salt & could happily eat a Salt Sandwich for lunch every day.
Serve with sour cream if you like. I was planning to but I didn't bother in the end because the soup was believe it or not, creamy enough as it was. Perhaps sprinkle with mint.
Now to outfits.
Scroll back to the first photo. It was taken last week at 'BednobsEtc' fabulous new premises in an old computer shop. I just love the writing on the dress which sadly I didn't purchase: 'The Day After. Make Popular Our Love at the Four Corners'. It's almost, but not quite, Haiku.

The Human Zebra.
Here I am today in the staff room standing with the Chocolate prizes that we gave for our annual Oratory Competition.
In case you're wondering, I'm wearing a rather unfortunate looking zebra who looks like he's about to be burnt at the stake or something. It's one of my favourite pieces.

Naf Then. Naf Now.
And here I am, some hours later, marvelling at the Senior Sewing Classes handiwork that was on display in the School Library. I wasn't sure of the theme. Perhaps, Bordello. Surely not?
Certainly not 'Mary Poppins' which I was watching earlier this evening. Last time I saw it was when it came out at the movies when I was eleven. I thought it was Naf then & I think its Naf now. Double Naf. Goody goody two shoes Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dick who played Cyril, the cloying chimneysweep, had Absolutely No Chemistry. It was like they were both gay. And the songs went on forever. What kid could possibly like 'Its a Jolly Holiday with Mary' being sung over & over while the two stars clumped around a cartoon garden with animated penguin waiters?

Has This Bleeding Heart Got Barbed Wire Around It?
I totally love the Slightly Gothic nature of my School Environment. Last week, I had a lesson in the Keyboard Lab. It has stained glass windows. When the girls need some creative impetus to finish butchering the last chorus of 'Memories' on their Soundless Keyboards, all they need to do is stare at the heart.

Trolley Dolly.
Me at 'Zinc', my favourite cafe, 100 metres from school & 250 metres from home. I have a tab there. I'm wearing a genuine vintage coatdress made of crepe, a material that is rarely seen nowadays. When was the last time you saw crepe? Like Never.
I'm sure its from the forties & its got these pointy shoulders that are So On Trend Right Now.

Little Black Dress Dolls Under a Glass Dome.
These dolls, in fact there's a whole row of them, have been causing quite a stir in the main street of Potts Point over the past week. I trudge, or should I say, truck, past them every morning on my way to school.
The shop is called 'Cube'. I absolutely cannot decide whether I want one or not. Help.

Majorette at' BednobsEtc'
I never know what I'm going to find there.

This post is getting me down a little bit. Its just going on & on. I hope you've managed to stay with me. This is a close up of my necklace & forties coat dress.
I always think that keys make marvellous adornments.

Last photo. I'm exhausted. Maths classroom. Black dress. Black flower necklace intertwined with black scarf. Holding jacket. Glad I'm not a Maths teacher.


see you there! said...

Oh goodness, so much in this post. The recipe sounds great, I will have to try it.

The crepe coat dress is a real find.


Rebecca said...

OK. Where to begin....

First, my favorite outfit is that Crepe Coatdress! O, my goodness! It is gorgeous!

The soup sounds very, very good. What if I left out the mint and coriander? Can you imagine it w/o????

I don't own either (M or C) and don't know if I want to spring for it just for the soup. What to do?

Yes, you definitely should purchase one of the dolls in black dresses. If I were a more patient seamstress, I'd be buying Barbies at thrift stores and a lot of black fabric!

You're so right about Meryl's ability to hold back tears while Chopping! Extraordinary woman, that Meryl.

OK. I've probably left Something Important out. Yes, Something about Barbra....but I can't remember What.

Stay sane and sassy! I need a shot of your Posts frequently!

Trixie Drew said...

Definitely not "What's up Doc?" - perhaps "Funny Girl"? NO! "The way we were"?

Anonymous said...