Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Life as an Absessed Tooth

Dear Amigos
It is such a shame that I have a v. strict policy of 'Never Explain Never Defend' because if I didn't, I would begin this post by explaining to you why I haven't posted for what seems like an Age.
Instead, I will just simply say that I have an Absessed Tooth.
I suppose you guessed already because of the pictures which I took myself.
They show all the various Shades of Me as an Absessed Tooth.
In the first photo above, I am imitating a knarled tree in order to distract myself from the Pain.
It didn't work.

The Dawning Realisation.
In the next photo, above, I have seriously moved into Ennui as the realisation has just dawned on me that I Will Have to Go to the Dentist.
Luckily, the dentist, 'Dayman Dental' is conveniently located right next door to my apartment building. Sadly, he is v. expensive. But then everyone tells me that ALL dentists are expensive.
And I absolutely can't put this off. Half of my face has Slightly Ballooned, accentuating my Naso-Labial Folds and making me prone to dribbling.
Libina, my Nasty Colleague says that I look like I have Bell's Palsy.
But none of my students noticed.

An Overdeveloped Gag Reflex.
Here I am above, after I've returned from 'Dayman Dental'.
I'm feeling dazed & slightly embarressed because My Gag Reflex went into overdrive when the dentist tried to shove something in my mouth when he was x-raying it. I just couldn't help it. But the dentist looked utterly disgusted.
Another thing to feel ashamed about.

Lightly Dribbling.
I went to the dentist.
He put me on Double Doses of Anti-biotics.
I'm still slightly swollen & lightly dribbling.
Tomorrow I go back to have the Rogue Tooth extracted.
I hope the dentist plays Michael Buble on his Dental Sound System during the procedure. I know Buble sounds like he's reading from the Phone Book when he's singing a Love Song, but I think that he's the Perfect Accompaniment for a Tooth Extraction. I only hope I can hear over all the drilling.

Oh, even though Pain Prevented me from catching Joan Rivers' 'Fashion Police' this week, I've still got Absolutely Oodles to tell you. And its all worth telling. I promise.
But not now. I have to finish watching a documentary about 'The Importance of Being Earnest' & then take an aspirin & then fall into bed.
But one of the things I will preview is about my Clothing Stall with The Ex-School Nurse that's coming up this sunday at The Rozelle Markets. Please come & visit us if you live nearby. We are going to be conveniently situated close by to a tree slap bang in the middle of the market. I already have some pictures to post as we went to the market last weekend to pay for the stall.
Just like Dr. Frankenfurter, I'm 'trembling with Anti-ci-PATION.'


see you there! said...

I see the pain of your tooth hasn't diminished your sense of humor. Hope the tooth problem is taken care of by now tho.


Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Darla! The tooth is now gone forever, a procedure that lasted about five minutes. love s

ReaderRita said...

I hope that during your tooth extraction you found absolutely no discomfort!

I found myself asking of my Cro- Magnon dentist while having a tooth removed: "Should I be feeling this?" To which the evil charlatan replied: "Feeling? What do you mean, feeling?"

Was I really being unclear?