Sunday, November 21, 2010

Upstairs Downstairs

Helen Mirren's Doppelganger.
You may or may not be wondering what I'm still doing at the Rozelle Market.
It's rather cumbersome to explain & I'm sure you're not that interested.
I know that I'm certainly not that interested in telling you.
I'm far more interested in getting back to watching one of my favourite films of all time, 'Gosford Park' which I've paused for the moment.
I hope you've seen it. If you haven't, you shouldn't be reading this blog.
That's perhaps a trifle harsh. I take it back. But seriously, if you haven't seen it, or haven't seen it in yonks, do yourself a favour & watch it.

1. It's directed by Robert Altman which means that everybody talks over each other. Kind of what people do In Real Life, whatever that is.
2. Poor Robert is dead which is a damn shame because I would have liked him to do a sequel - 'Gosford Park 2: The Revenge of Downstairs'.
3. It has my Ideal Cast - Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Eileen Atkins, Stephen Fry, Alan Bates, Richard E (or is it 'F'?) Grant & Dumbledore to name just my particular favourites. The only sour note is that Judy Dench is not in it.
4. I totally remind myself of Maggie, Judy & particularly Helen.
5. It's set in my Absolute Dream Time & location - a large country house full of nasty plummy voiced guests & poor downtrodden servants in 1930s England. No prizes for guessing what group I would most identify with.

Sudoku Dressing.
Here I am with The Ex-School Nurse.
I've really gone Out on a Limb with the Pattern Mixing which is one of my Favourite Pastimes besides having my eyebrows waxed. I'm absolutely convinced that it keeps my brain active, rather like doing a crossword puzzle or perhaps, Sudoku.
Of course, my great fear is that I look like a Tarot Card Reader or a Circus Performer. Not that there's anything wrong with looking like either.
The Ex-SN is wearing an absolutely scrumptuous 'Dinosaur Designs' necklace which is sadly partly obscured by that ungainly lampshade which I hope nobody bought. Drat.

One of the main reasons why I do so like to go to the market is to take photos of Other Outfits.
I loved the look of this Latter Day Mary Poppins Shopper. Her outfit reminds me of two trends that I've noticed lately : 1. The Preponderance of Polka Dots. 2. The long dress.
Although I think this lady looks great, I personally wouldn't wear a long dress. But perhaps if it was a Designer Label that I managed to purchase v. reasonably at 'Bednobs Etc' I might be persuaded. But it would have to be an 'A' list Designer.

I desperately wanted to buy this Man with His Insides Showing on the Outside as I could identify with it. I often feel like my insides are showing.
And I'm getting mightily sick of typing in bold when I didn't ask for it.

But I didn't buy it. Xmas is coming & I want to buy some nice gifts for my daughter Maeflower, who totally deserves a little pampering. And I'm not just saying that to suck up to her. Plus I'm going to California in two weeks tomorrow. And the Australian Dollar has parity with the US Dollar. And I need Dental Work done unless I'm keen to look like something out of 'Hansel & Gretal'.


Rebecca said...

Why am I just NOW discovering your Flicker Fotos?! I'm hooked. After the Pain from my Shingles subsides, and after the Holiday Revelries, I may delve deeper into Flicker myself.

I find myself wondering what the U.S. Equivalent of the Rozelle Market might be...

Hoping to find a library copy of 'Gosford Park' to help pass my Painful Hours. (I need to expand my film-viewing repertoire.)

Enjoy California & if you travel east a thousand miles plus, give a shout to me in Indiana!

Rebecca said...

My husband picked up Gosford Park yesterday and we watched it last night! Thanks for the heads up about this one. Once our ears adapted to the lovely accents, we picked up most of the conversation and sat spellbound throughout.

The English Manor reminded us of the Biltmore Estate (North Carolina, USA) which we have visited several times.

Della Street Dreaming said...

I have been thinking of you Rebecca & hope that you are feeling better. One of my colleagues recently had shingles & it was v. painful & went on & on.
Glad you picked up 'Gosford Park'. I'm compiling a list of films that I love that I will post in the next few days.