Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Barking Rather Than Tweeting

Emotional Expungement.
Well, I managed to get through Valentine's Day without too much Resentment & Bitterness, two persistent emotions that I'm desperately trying to expunge from my v. limited Emotional Library.
But perhaps you read My Tweet on the topic. Not the bit about Emotional Expungement. But the bit about Valentines Day.
OH, what was I thinking when I signed up to Twitter on sunday nite after a Roast Chicken Dinner &  couple of glasses of Crisp Chablis?
Blame it on Hunter, who, after I fed him & Tyler & AJ at our usual sunday nite dinner, sat  next to me on the couch & walked me through my iPhone 4's Amazing App Store.
I was entranced. He suggested that I download Twitter. After all, it's free. And always The Follower, I agreed.
But after three Lame Tweets, I think I'm done.
 I'm more of a Barker than a Tweeter.
And who the hell can say anything of any substance in just on 140 characters, unless of course, you are Oscar Wilde?
OMG, can you imagine Oscar Tweeting? I'm sure if he lived now, he would be King, or perhaps Queen of the Tweets.
I've been told that Some People tweet on the hour. How can they do it? Are their lives really so interesting & varied that they can update their Salivating Public that often?
Here's what I would say:
'Just walking into class. I wonder if the DVD will work today? Or maybe it's the Projector's turn not to work. Why O why am I always on a Knife's edge?'
One hour later:
'What a nightmare. Shame about the Projector. Lucky that nice young IT guy only took 35 minutes to fix it. Just enough time to screen the court Scene from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Hope girls didn't notice me crying when all the black people in the gallery stood up when Atticus walked out of the courtroom after he lost the case'.
Of course that's waaaay more than 140 characters. I'm just not Pithy Enough.

But maybe I'll have One More Tweet tomorrow.

Sadly, it's Time for Bed. I've spent far too long writing this in between watching 'Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire' on a nasty Free to Air TV channel that is cho-'o-block full of ads. I must admit that Harry is one of my Almost Secret Inexplicable Pleasures along with  Michael Buble & Tina Arena & Robbie Williams & a whole host of other Nameless Inexplicables.
Watch out for another post tomorrow, if you can be bothered. I've got much much more to say. I want to tell you about my new obsession for Moist Refrigerated Face Washers that I serve to guests after dinner & also include in my Insulated Lunch Pail so I can freshen up before class. Also, I will have been with Joan on The Red Carpet at the Grammys. So, there's Ooodles & Oodles.
Thank you El Jay & Darla & Rebecca & ReaderRita & Zizzi & Janavi  & J.Sedai for your wonderful comments. I totally loved them. Sadly, El Jay, I have a v. strict rule about No Sewing. But thank you anyway.

Oh, BTW, the photo was of 'PoHo', the florist's shop close to my apartment building yesterday morning. I had to mince past it on my way down the hill to school.

Oh, & here's me yesterday in a 'Weekend Max Mara' shirt with a cute tie at the front & a v. tight skirt that created that Slightly Slutty look that I'm v. fond of. All, of course from 'BednobsEtc'.


ReaderRita said...

I again think it's a perfectly lovely ensemble that wouldn't cross the line into "slightly slutty" until you unbuttoned the blouse to unleash a gaudy black lace camisole (think sheerness, ribbons and/or glitter), or revealed a healthy side slit in the skirt!
In my book, right now- the outfit is downright divine...

ladyjanewriter said...

That blouse and the skirt combination is made of amazing. And it reminds me of the movie "Secretary" (which goes beyond slightly slutty).

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit. I mean... I inwardly said "wowsie" when I saw the photo.

Cannot WAIT to hear about Moist Refrigerated Face Washers. I'm sure I'll love them -- as I have grown to love the sockette!

Love you, Middle Aged School Teacher.