Monday, August 1, 2011

Be Prepared

 Dear Virtual Companion
After the appalling technical difficulties I encountered last time, I approach writing this entry with some trepidation, although it was almost, but not quite worth it to receive the large accolade for my persistence from Elegance Maison. Her comment made me feel that I was an intrepid explorer valiantly Soldiering On in the Face of Interminable Adversity which of course is how I view My Life Generally.
Now I've got that out of the way, I've got Absolutely Loads to tell you.
 But for some reason all I want to talk about  is Eating Kale.
Appearance: It is a v. deep shade of green & is v.v. curly. If you have Confused Tastebuds, you may think that you're eating Spinach. Apparently, European farmers grow Kale to feed their cows which may give Humans the idea that it is like eating Pet Food.
I have just eaten a small quantity of it in my School Lunch. It is not normally part of my Usual Eating Regime, but I was tempted to buy it at the insistence of the salesperson at the Organic Fruit & Vegetable stall at the Saturday Markets in Potts Point, conveniently located across the road from my apartment building. The salesperson said that Kale was loaded with Essential Zinc which sounds like something my body could be craving. I tried to imagine The New Improved Kale Boosted Me. Nothing came to mind. But perhaps I would be able to do Real Pushups on my toes instead of on my knees . Or spontaneously write a Petrarchan Sonnet before breakfast.
Anyway, that's enough about Kale. Oh, except that it tastes pretty ordinary. I can imagine a cow languidly chewing on it.
In the first photo above, I look a little Heavy Lidded. But that's a whole other story that I'm blaming on the iPhone camera. You may notice that I'm holding a poster. I made it to promote the school's Annual Op Shop Parade & Stall. It's coming up at the end of  August. At this stage, I'm trying to encourage girls &  Mothers & teachers to donate their unwanted clothes & accessories to us.
'Girls, remember if you haven't worn it for six months, you're Never Gonna Wear it'.
'Miss, but what about if you're not wearing it because it's the Wrong Season?'
How should I answer such a query, I wonder?

The Impermanence of Wardrobes.
Talking of emptying your wardrobes of Unworn Items, look above. Here is a  beautifully made Cocktail Frock which once belonged to a Drag Queen who Sadly Died. Annie, from 'BednobsEtc' showed it to me when I ventured inside the Magical Shoppe on saturday after I bought The Kale. Oddly enough, I wasn't tempted to buy it, or even to try it on.
I wonder how many times that dress was worn whilst the occupant was miming  'I Will Survive', which would be my Signature Song if I were a Drag Q.

Look at me above, this past week looking Slightly Sour. Although I am easily prone to  Sourness, I wasn't sour at the time. In fact, I was feeling a small slice of accomplishment after I had just freshly taught Shakespeare's sonnet, 'My mistresses' eyes are nothing like the sun' through the Instructive Drawings behind me on the whiteboard.
In the sonnet, the poet says that even though his girlfriend has hair like black wires & breasts the colour of poo & bad breath & a crappy voice & no colour in her cheeks, & has absolutely nothing in common with  a Goddess, he loves her anyway.
My students were appalled. What kind of a dude was Shakespeare?
I honestly can't say. All I know is that he'd be first on my list of People I'd Invite to a Dinner Party  If They Were Available.
Talking of Goddesses, I'm trying to channel a Toy Hermes/Horsey look. Believe it or not, I'm wearing an 'Emmanuelle' by Ungaro skirt that I bought a few years back from a market in Canberra for five bucks. I've carried on the horsebit theme with the large scarf that I bought NEW from 'Sportsgirl' a few weeks back. It was the first new item I had bought in ages.

The Camouflages.
I was soo thrilled & surprised when two of my favourite ex-students, Maddie & Maddie turned up outside my Staffroom door last week.
 They both looked ravishing in their University Wear, each channelling a little bit of Chic Che Guevara. Blond Maddie is also wearing her Mum's fab vintagy 'Lisa Ho' skirt with wonderful pin tucks at the waist. Luckily, I wasn't envying the skirt too much even though I loved it because I don't wear long skirts. Theyconflict with that ever so Slightly Slutty look that I'm going for now.

OMG, I almost but not quite had another Nasty Moment with Blogger just then when no matter how hard I tried, I wasn't able to type here. What is wrong? Is it Me? Is it a Virus? Or  has my blog got the wrong Feng Shui?
Fortunately, I remembered to say a short prayer to St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases, & in a twinkling, I was able to type again. Hurrah!
Lastly, I'm standing in front of more Explanatory Drawings of a Shakespearean Sonnet. This time it was
'Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?'
I won't bother walking you through that one. I'd rather you look at my hair which is uncharacteristically out of the Strict Dishevelled Ponytail Regime. I love the way that it is curling up which  reminds me of Patty Duke when she was the star of 'The Patty Duke Show', which was my absolute favourite show when I was about eleven. In fact, I loved it so much that I refused to join the Girl Guides because their meetings were on the same night as the show. To this day, I still don't know what Guides do. But I do know that whatever they do, they're Always Prepared.


Rebecca said...

Kale. Hmmmmmmm. For the love of zinc? Maybe.

Shakespeare. Definitely yes.

The Six Month Rule. I'm making an exception. I'm just positive I'm going to lose 20 pounds. In six months.

Slightly sour? You? Never! Slutty, perhaps, but never sour.

OK. I can't remember the rest. I only remember that you entertain me like no other. (Even my husband frequently asks me, "Has Della posted lately?")

see you there! said...

Is it just my imagination or are you wearing a lot of black lately? Maybe I notice because we're having out hot weather while you're having your cold.

I like kale BTW. Hope the cow chewing image I now have in my head doesn't ruin my appetite for it.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Rebecca for that lovely affirmative comment. I do so like it that your husband inquires!
Darla - yes, I have been wearing a little too much black lately. I'm trying to wean myself off it, but it's hard. Hope that I haven't turned you off Kale.