Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Whirlwind Wardrobe Week

What a Wardrobe Whirlwind of a Week it Was! And it was all Dresses. But let's call them Frocks!

A Fractured Ode to  Frocks.
 Some were Old.
 Some were new. 
Some that seemed a little tighter than the last time I wore them. 
And one was blue.
One that was crushed even before I put it on.
 And, it had just been to the Dry Cleaners. 

A Little Known Fact about Me - I've always longed to be a poet. Not like Sylvia Plath. No horrible ugly old fish rising out of some mirror or lake or whatever it was frightening the living daylights out of everyone.
Absolutely Not.

But none of this has anything to do with the FLy photo, above. In fact, I'm not really sure what Fly London is except that they must be Shoes because I saw this poster in the window of Booty, my local shoe shop that I never buy anything in because I never buy anything new. I didn't realise how wonderfully majestic flies look, although I don't think that they seriously are Midnite Blue, a favourite shade of mine.
A Near-Perfect Segue.
Speaking of Blue, look look, below. I'm wearing a frock in almost the same colour as the Fly. I bought it a week or two ago from my favourite thrift store, 'BednobsEtc'. It has a French Connection label.
Do you remember when they used to call themselves FCUK?  Talk about Charmless. Although I've always thought a really catchy name for a Women's Clothing label is 'Rumpslapper'.
Back to the Outfit. Note I took a Small , or perhaps Large Risk in wearing Lime Marc Jacobs shoes. I'm sure I've told you that after seeing My Style Icon Jenna Lyons from J. Crew with a Lime handbag (do click on the link to actually SEE Jenna & Her Bag) I'm desperate to accessorize with Lime as often as possible which sadly narrows it down to wearing these shoes.
I must, repeat must find more Lime.

And then I wore Another Frock.
What an interesting life.
I never know when I spring out of bed every morning what I'm going to wear.
The Morning Routine 2012.
1. Get Up at 6.30 even though it's still dark because of lousy, stinking Daylight Saving which feels like it's never going to end.
2. Draw  bath.
3. Put kettle on. Make  cup of Twining's 'Afternoon Tea' tea.
4. Put sachet of Uncle Toby's Instant Porridge With Fake Fruit in Microwave. Wait 50 seconds. Take out.
5. Get in bath with Tea & Porridge.
6. Eat/slurp whilst wondering what to wear.
7. Definitely Decide.
8. Get out of bath.
9. Get dressed.
And then I wore a Crushed Frock, below, which I teamed with Jewels from The Fruits de Mer section of my Jewelry Wardrobe.
I must say that I was quite crushed myself when I picked this 'Carla Zampatti dress up from the cleaners. How come I paid ten bucks & it came back crushed? I then tried to iron it myself but gave up when the iron started to steam up & get all angry.

And then, here's me again, below, sitting at my desk in the staffroom having my Eyebrows Shaped by Fragrant Rose, a beautiful young teacher who is also a make up artist.
Every few weeks Rose makes the three metre journey across to my desk in the staffroom & attempts to put some sense back into my eyebrows after they were almost butchered to death by an assistant at Sharon-Lee, Sydney's Number 1 Brow Emporium.

Lastly, I'm wearing a dress that I've had for some years which I now feel is a little Too Snug for me, although I had no problem zipping up the zip which I think is an indicator that it Still Officially Fits.
I can't decide if I've put on a few pounds or not. It's driving me nuts. And I'm absolutely Not getting back on the scales because I've promised myself that Those Days Are Over.
So, I'm taking some Precautionary Measures by only eating protein for dinner. And no corn chips.
Last nite I  ate three boiled eggs & a can of baked beans.


see you there! said...

Pretty dresses. I like lime green but found I really can't wear it at all. It turns my complexion some weird color.

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Darla! I know that Lime is a difficult colour not suitable for everyone, so I can understand your reluctance.
Hope you are well!
love Sue

DearHelenHartman said...

Just finding your blog. How cute is it? So cute I broke my new vow not to be an instant follower (I promised myself I'd follow less and read more for all those impulses when I followed then never go back)but click. I'm yours. You look fab in the dresses.