Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Me Me Me & Moi

Maybe it's just the Company I Keep, but have you noticed that people these days are always going on about Other People being Narcissists or even worse, Psychopaths?
I've just trawled through a list of new books about Psychopaths on The Huffington Post.
My favourite title was 'Snakes in Suits - When Psychopaths Go To Work', although I must admit I was inexplicably drawn to 'I Married a Psychopath But Didn't Notice for Twenty Years: A Users Guide'.
Anyway, why I mention the topic is because this blog entry is choc-a-bloc full of photos of Me Me Me & Moi. I just couldn't help it.
And maybe you think that I'm nothing but a Nasty Narcissist or worse still , a Parading Psychopath.
 But I'm not. 
A Narcissist is not at all like Nilbrain Narcissus in the myth who fell in love with his own reflection that he saw in some rancid pool of water which he probably ended up drowning in but I can't be sure because I didn't  bother finish reading it.
 Nay, a Narcissist is someone who can't see the world from any other perspective than their own. They lack remorse & are low on gratitude. They like to flatter people who admire them & detest people who don't. They are Big Braggers & Huge Experts.
Not Me.
Oh, while we're not on the topic of me, why not scroll back to the first photo while I walk you through it:

1. In case you were wondering, I'm holding up a freshly baked tin of cupcakes baked by one of my students to celebrate a birthday which wasn't mine. Mine is next week. And it's One Off a Landmark Birthday.
2. I'm wearing my favourite trenchcoat which looks v. like a Parachute.
I could never go Parachuting. I would die of fright before I got a chance to pull the Ripcord or whatever it's called.
Now, scroll to the second photo which was taken yesterday in the staffroom by Aunt Nettina. I always get her to take my photo if I forget to have one taken in the classroom. She is most obliging.
 But let's not Talk of Her.
 Instead, look at the Giant Black Flower that I've attached to the dress that I bought a few years back from 'Bednobs Etc', which is where I bought everything I'm wearing in just about all the photos.

 Look above. This is what I wore today:
1. Blouse with Pussy Bow.
2. Skirt with Ruffle. Thankfully, no one mentioned that they were different patterns that didn't quite go together.
3. Lime 'Marc Jacobs' shoes. In spite of the fact that Lime is   difficult to wear,  it's  favoured by many Middleagedwomen who mistakenly think that Lime makes them look Cool.
  I am not one of those women, but I am a succour (that can't possibly be the right spelling?)....oh now I remember - Sucker (what a moment of Revelation. I wish I had more of those) where was I?....oh yes, I'm a sucker for  a Designer Brand, & Marc Jacobs is about as good as it gets.
4. Dinosaur Designs resin bracelets that weigh down my wrists but I don't care.

 To prove that I actually have some kind of Social Life outside of the Classroom, here's me at a birthday celebration last week at "LL Bar & Restaurant, Potts Point. I have a kind of Love Me I'm Helpless look on my face but it was only because it was Raining outside but not in my Heart.
I'm wearing a Wild Animal Print Jacket I bought for ten bucks at Cotton On when I was last shopping there with my daughter, Maeflower.
Oh, & I'm wearing a Number 9 charm that I bought at Anthropologie.

 Talking of Dinosaur Designs, here is the beautiful & stylish, Guinevere, daughter of my friend, The Ex-
School Nurse at the helm of the Dinosaur Seconds or Whatever Shop, Extinct.
I was totally bowled over by her wearing of Royal Blue & Aqua together, which is my Almost Favourite Colour Pearing. (deliberately spelt that way)

 And then I went to an Afternoon Tea on Sunday at the Stylish Tea Parlour in Sydney's Redfern. I was enchanted by Amelie, the vibrant hostess of the establishment, who served up Russian Caravan & French Earl Grey Tea in large silver teapots amid a dizzying array of fascinating objects including a Real Stuffed Peacock.
 I'm sure that a Peacock would make a Marvellous Mascot for a Narcissist.

Anyway, Amelie had a fab vintage red dress on & shoes with a v. interesting heel which sadly I didn't manage to capture in the photograph.

 And then I was trudging down Macleay Street to work & came across this dog who was stuck outside a cafe with a lifeless toy for comfort while his owner sat inside shovelling in a giant bacon & egg roll.
The dog looked like how I happened to be feeling that morning.

When will this ever end? I'm desperate to hop into bed as it's almost Past my Official Bedtime.
I'll just talk in Dot Points from Now on.
 *Sharon Stone in 'Casino'.
 *Slightly Slutty but Acceptable for Work.

* More Cupcakes. Another birthday.
*Diane Von Furstenberg dress. That makes 3.
* Two necklaces.
* Full view Diane V F.
* Another DVF. below. .
* Now have 5 DVFs but not really counting.


see you there! said...

Cupcakes and birthday parties and 5 DvF dreasses? Me thinks you are a wee bit spoiled. But not a narcissist, no never that.

Happy Birthday my friend.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Darla. I've been spoiled all my life. I hope you have been too!
love Sue