Sunday, February 24, 2013

Perhaps Too Many 'Nots'.

I'm so exhausted from Wearing Black All Week.
But not exhausted enough not to curate another blog entry at Doll Hotel. (Oh dear, I can't work out if I've put in One Too Many 'nots' in this last sentence. I do hope it's not a sign of Early-ish Onset Alzheimers).
Note I used the word 'curate' which could to some ears sound Slightly Pretentious, but I hope not to your Ears.
The theme of the blog entry is one of my favourite sayings-  (along with Keep Calm & Carry On which has been so overused that I sadly cannot ever use it again, but I can still quietly Think It)  Alert But Not Alarmed.

In case you were ever wondering what I was like In Real Life whatever that is, this saying totally sums me up in a nutshell.
I do hope you can take a look.

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