Friday, April 26, 2013

More Unwanted Advice

 It's the last day of the Holidays & I'm on the fly, an expression that I particularly love & unfortunately don't use enough.
Yes, I'm dashing off to Canberra on the 1pm Murray's Bus. It takes 3 & a half hours, which is just long enough to listen to three of Alec Baldwin's 'Here's the Thing' podcasts (which I totally recommend, as if you'd ever listen to me) while I'm trying to block out the loud phone conversations of my Fellow Travellers.

I'm visiting my daughter Maeflower & her wonderful fiance & cat for two nites.

Talking of cats, Oversharing & Unwanted Advice-Giving Cat have been pestering me to have their say again.
I hope you don't mind.
In case you are confused, Oversharing Cat is the slightly creepier one of the pair who always wants to share particularly Narcissistic (don't you love how nowadays if you want to say something particularly nasty about a co-worker, you call them a Narcissist?) comments that make your skin crawl, if that's the correct expression.

Unwanted Advice-Giving Cat dispenses unwanted advice that nevertheless I tend to end up agreeing with.
I'm not sure why.
Must dash - got to make my Final Holiday Purchase at Bednobs & Broomsticks Charity Shoppe before boarding the bus.
Happy Trails.

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Rebecca said...

The skinny mirror thing. That is SO true!