Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Life in Pictures

Dear me, I wish I could think of a better title for this blog entry.
But I can't.
It's too late & I've spent hours composing catchy text on all these photos which you are about to see if you bother to stick around, on a new wonderful app I found in my Second Favourite Store in the World, The App Store.
Perhaps as little as a year ago, I'd never heard of An App Store, but now like the rest of The First World, I can't keep away from the place.
It's too too exciting.
Anyway, the title , My Life in Pictures is misleading because there's just so much more that's been going on that sadly I don't have photos for.
Like, how I'm trying to do the 5:2 Diet where I severely limit my calories two days a week in order to stave off the Bad Things That Happen to Older People.
Like, how my Sunday Nite Dinner Invitees & I are immersed in Season Six of Mad Men & how much we love the look of the sixties but perhaps not the feel.
Like, how much time I'm increasingly spending looking at pictures of furry animals like pandas on the Internet when I should be working.
Like, how I visited my daughter Maeflower & her fiancé in Canberra & how the trees were shedding their leaves just like they do in the Northern Hemisphere & I wish I could write a lyrical Haiku about it.
Like, how Maeflower introduced me to Jamie's 15 Minute Meals that are really 45 Minute Meals, but I love them anyway.
Like, how I'm trying to be more like Anna Wintour & wear Not Black.
Like, how in my private moments, I'm becoming a Boganista, which is a term that I fancy that I may have made up, which means a person who has perfected the art of wearing sweat pants & ugg boots.
Like how I'm constantly listening to Dusty Springfield & Alicia Key's, "Brand New Me" on my iPhone as I trudge down the hill to school each morning. I still can't kick the habit of Whitney Houston's, "I Didn't Know My Own Strength", which I really have got to give up very soon.

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