Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life in a Day in a Kitchen in Sydney 2.MOV


Rebecca said...

What NEXT???? You ARE so funny! I could sense how restricted you felt not being able to name "brand names" etc.!

I'm impressed by your composure in front of the camera -- and your camera!! What a clear picture. Dare I ask what BRAND it is?

Maybe next time you could give us recipes--for Chicken Soup, perhaps?

Rebecca said...

Oh....and don't just TELL us "chicken soup". SHOW us! Show us HOW!

SofiaAmbrosia said...
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SofiaAmbrosia said...

Dear Ms DSD/MAT...I was wondering what you sounded like and whether you drove or just took buses-excellent public transport system in Sydney, as I remember! And here you go and post these videos and all my Q's are answered! Another thing, you amazed me when you said you shopped at Aldi's, which is where my mother and I are planning to go this Tuesday-we don't usually shop there, in metro Atlanta! Small World... btw does Woden Plaza still exist in Canberra? The bit about the epsom salts is also amazing because right about that time I had just bought them for the first time and was planning to add some Provence lavendar to the salts for my feet! haha...great vids...keep up the good work... :-)

janavi said...

Superstar in the making!!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you for these lovely comments!
Rebecca - I have always wanted to Cook for the Camera, so perhaps I will take you up on the suggestion!
SofiaAmbrosia - I see you have spent some time in Australia! Yes, Woden Plaza is still there, but I haven't been there for many years & Aldi is always a delight. You never know what you might find there.