Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Lucy, Less Charlie Brown

It is nite. I am sitting on the couch toasting my toes in front of a two-bar radiator.
it feels quite luxurious for a change.
I saw on the News tonite that the fastest growing segment of the population that (or is it 'who'?) are becoming homeless are women my age.
I absolutely knew it was a mistake to watch the news. But I wasn't quick enough with The Remote. And besides, I was feeling a little guilty that I wasn't informed enough about Bad Things.
Of course, my problem or one of them anyway, is that I over-identify with Nasty Things. I rarely, if ever identify with Women who have Homes in Places like St. Barts or Gstaad or The Hamptons & own an entire warehouse full of Birkin & Kelly Bags. Or have George Clooney for a boyfriend.

Vanity Alert!!
I just had to say that I had a complete other set of other clothes on underneath the dress that I'm wearing in the first picture. I want to make that Perfectly Clear.
Cotton pantaloons with a wide waist band, one cotton 'Bonds' singlet & one long sleeve thermal Spencer. At least, that's what I think it is still called although I haven't heard anyone using the term 'spencer' out loud for ever so long. But I can't think what else its called. If only I had a Thesaurus.

More Happiness Than You Can Poke a Stick At.
I love nothing more than Fabulously Funny & Fresh Graffiti. If only graffiti started with an 'F'.
Anyway, my friend Maud Darkstar ,whose house I profiled here a couple of weeks ago, is always on the lookout for me. For graffiti, I mean.
She found this in Newtown & rang me immediately. I raced over, heart pounding, not knowing what to expect. I wasn't disappointed.
'Lady Lash'. Perhaps its the back entrance of a Discipline Parlour. Or perhaps an Eyelash Tinting & Curling Parlour.
I'm not sure. But in any event, I thought it was a perfect spot for a Wardrobe Photo.
I'm wearing brown, one of my favourite colours, definitely the Poor Relation of the Colour Spectrum. And I always love to add a little red when I wear brown. And.... I'm wearing my new black perspex stiletto brooch that I bought last week at the Art Gallery Gift Shoppe on the Big Old Overcoat that Aileen, the 97 year old gave me. I'm draining the last little bit out of the red wool tights I bought at 'Bloomingdales' in NYC about four years ago. They've got a little hole which I'm choosing to ignore. Just like a whole lot of other things.

I Always Used to Say that Grey was The Colour of Fear.
I don't know where I got that old Chestnut from, but I don't believe it anymore, although I am a trifle fearful.
This is what I wore today when I went shopping for a 40 inch TV with Trixie to 'The Supercentre'. I certainly wasn't buying it, Trixie was.
The 'Esprit' dress & Totally Toy Leather Jacket is from 'BednobsEtc'. Yesterday,I was sooo excited when I plucked the jacket off the rack , thinking that it was Real Leather. Such a Naif.

More Eiffel Towers.
After we bought the TV, we looked in at 'Bed Bath & Table'. What a Shoppe, I say! I do love it, particularly their v. colourful & reasonably priced bed linen that appears to be permanently on sale. Because I'm still practicing 'Abundance Through Frugality', I don't bother buying bedsheets. You don't really see them anyway. I just buy pillowcases.
Reminder to Self: Showcase newly bought from 'Bed BathEtc' pillowcases in next or near-to-next blog entry.
Please note two things in the above photo:
1. I'm holding yet another Eiffel Tower replica. This one appears to be a large peg. Or perhaps a paper clip. The shop was groaning under the weight of Eiffels. I even considered buying a doona cover with one on it, even though I don't own a doona. I managed to resist the urge & came away from Our Shopping Experience only purchasing a ten dollar CD of seventeen songs from series one of 'Glee'. OMG, I'm in Heaven: 'Endless Love', 'Don't Rain on my Parade', 'Don't Make Me Over' . I'm in Drag Queen' Heaven.
2. Note my Neck Treatment. I've combined a long scarf from 'Cotton On' with a necklace of black flowers from 'Diva'.
I wish I was less like a Non-Cute-Middleaged Version of Charlie Brown & more like Lucy. In Middleage, of course.


Rebecca said...

That Grey with Black Leather is a great look (but then I'm a little conservative when it comes to personal style...)

I have been invited to present 2 talks to a women's retreat in October on the subject of thrift/simplicity. I really would like to incorporate your expression "Abundance through Frugality" in it somehow - with your permission, of course. (Or without it if necessary. It's so descriptive and positive at the same time--which is a difficult state for me to arrive at without help!)

It's really hard to identify with fee to the heater! Here it's more like soaking one's feet in cool water while sipping iced tea....

With great admiration for one who can layer clothes over clothes and still come up looking good, I return to my personal REALITY.

see you there! said...

The t.v. shopping outfit is great. The jacket sure does look like leather, who knew?


Della Street Dreaming said...

Rebecca & Darla - I believe its heat wave conditions for you both at the moment. I can't even imagine it. Still nailed to the two-bar heater.
Rebecca - what a wonderful topic to speak to women about. Please feel free to use any of my material including photos if you want to. I may write a little blog entry myself on the topic.
Stay cool (well, at least inside yourselves, if that makes sense...)
love Sue

Rebecca said...

Thank you, dear. I'm collecting material to supplement and "fluff up" my Personal Revelations on the subject :) Abundance through Frugality sounds SO much more inspiring than The Challenges of Penury, don't you think?

Della Street Dreaming said...

Australian TV is screening Dicken's 'Little Dorrit' at present, which begins in the Debtor's Prison. Somehow the term 'penury' reminds me of it.
But I must say, I'm interested in your personal views on the topic!

吳吳 said...

好棒的地方 我一定要常來~~~^^~..................................................................

吳婷婷 said...


janavi said...

I posted some Clooney related photos on Flickr, primarily for you.
Did you see them.

We are dying from the heat here.