Friday, July 23, 2010

Wearing a Tablecloth

Hello, & Welcome to The World of Me.
1. Its friday nite. I am back at The Whiteboard. Holidays are but a Dim Memory.
Exhausted from an all-important Apres L'Ecole Eyebrow Tint & Wax & Lash Tint, I am huddled in front of the two-bar radiator with 'Casablanca' on mute. I must have seen it at least sixty times, but as usual can't remember anything more than the Broad Brush Strokes.
Ingrid Bergman looks just as ravishing as she always does every time I watch the film. I console myself with the fact that she is dead.

2. I do so love a two dollar shop. I even like their cheap little names: 'Hot Dollar', 'Hot Potato', 'How Low Can You Go?', 'Cheap But Not Necessarily Cheerful'. The wonderful little Wild Animal fridge magnets were discovered by my daughter whilst we were trawling the aisles at a 'Hot D' in the Canberra Mall last weekend. She just HAD to have them. I almost did too.
We're not quite sure how the text fits with the animals, but I'm sure there's some link.

3. Here we are outside 'Cream Cafe' in Canberra where we had a large brunch with Maeflower's partner Russell, her step-brother Tyler & his friend Hunter. The two boys were passing through on the way to the So-Called Snowfields which had about a tablespoon of snow scattered around.
I persisted in wearing the little black & white Tablecloth dress throughout the day. I should have Never Worn It but I just can't resist the $5 Rack at 'BednobsEtc'.

4.Talking of 'BednobsEtc', tomorrow I am tempted to film it. The director, Ridley Scott who I think is a genius even though I can't bring myself to see such films as 'Gladiator' or 'Robin Hood' because they've got loathsome Russell Crowe in them but also because I couldn't stand the violence, is asking the World, or at least the Googling World to film their day tomorrow. You can't edit any of it & you have to be careful not to have any Rogue Signs visible like a giant Coke sign or maybe a Huge Picture of George Clooney sipping Nespresso, because ol' Ridley & his team are going to make a v. large film of selected films that participate in the project & they don't want to have to pay Licence fees.
But perhaps you know all this.
Anyway, I mite make a film of my day which has to be tomorrow which is a saturday & no saturday is complete without a visit to 'Bednobs'. If I do I'll post it on here.

4.(a) Last saturday nite, I cooked what some mite consider to be a Partly Austrian meal. Not that I'm really familiar with Austria except from 'The Sound of Music'. I made Schnitzel that I beautifully crumbed & then baked in the oven with Favola poured over the top & mozzarella. In the photo, I was frantically making pumpkin fritters which turned out to be the cutest & plumpest little things I'd ever seen. What a triumph! And, I got it all done before 'Doc Martin', still my favourite show, in fact, I LIVE for that show, began. And, Maeflower & Russell generously allowed me to watch it over dinner. I know its oafey of me. But I'm addicted.
4 (b) Note we are both wearing Ugh Boots. Mae is wearing Real Sheepskin ones. Mine are Toy Ughs, bought at 'Aldi' discount supermarket for eight bucks. She gave them to me.
I'm a total convert & have even been out in the street wearing them. Its like wearing a Toy Sheep.
Finally 5.
More Me & My Tablecloth. if only tablecloth began with the letter 'M'. Even though I've shown you before, I just HAD to show my 'Dinosaur' Fingers again. I bought them at their Factory Second Shoppe for ten bucks each which I thought was a steal & dovetailed beautifully into my 'Abundance Through Frugality' project. Rebecca wisely questioned why buying what appear to be coloured plastic rings for ten bucks could possibly be frugal. Just trust me on that one.


see you there! said...

Hope you do the film and post it for us.


janavi said...

Love the tablecloth dress. Have one in black & red.
Sorry vacation is over.

Rebecca said...

Even the THOUGHT of Ugh boots makes me break out in yet another sweat! The weather "up here" is dreadfully hot and humid.

It's good to catch up with you. I've been side-lined by the heat for several days. Don't have enough energy to open my laptop.

I especially liked your reference to your Spiritual Home, The Canberra Mall.