Monday, March 7, 2011

The Magical Diane Freis Dress

Hello, dear Reader.
Obviously I went to work today. I had to go because I was Busting to wear the fab 'Diane Freis' dress that The Ex-School Nurse, pictured above, presented me with last saturday over lattes at 'Dov'.
I couldn't believe the powerful therapeutic power that this dressed held, or is it, 'holds'?
 As soon as I put it on, all my hideous cold symptoms magically vanished. All except the croak which I didn't mind having because I think it makes me sound like A Temptress.
A Brief Segue
I must say that my grammar is getting worse. And I seem to be losing confidence, particularly around The Apostrophe.
And and, my spelling is shot to pieces. Girls are constantly correcting my spelling on the whiteboard. Of course, I'm v. gracious about it at the time, but inside I'm quaking.  It will only be a matter of time before Parental Complaints start rolling in.
Of course, I totally blame all this on my Grammar Nazi Colleagues. They're always at the ready, invisible red pens quivering in anticipation, to jump on any infraction, no matter how tiny.

Back to the Diane Freis Dress. Although I would much rather call it 'Diane Fries'.
When I arrived at school this morning, I immediately walked into The Staff Lounge. I was  greeted by Imelda, a middleagedgeographyteacher who promptly identified the brand of the dress. It rolled off her tongue just as easily as if she were  identifying an Igneous Rock. I was shocked. Were Diane Freis' dresses (hope I used The Apostrophe correctly then) that common, I wondered?
Yes they were, as it turned out. Some years ago Imelda's Mum volunteered at a local charity shoppe in The Southern Highlands, a slightly toffee-nosed in a good way semi-rural area a small distance from Sydney. Apparently, the shoppe was always full of them even though they cost hundreds of dollars & you could tie them in a knot & throw them in the washing machine & they'd bounce back to their original shape. You'd have to say that that was Magic, wouldn't you?

Anyway, I totally enjoyed wearing Diane Freis today. And I totally enjoyed pairing it with my thrifted  Court Jester strappy heels & my Fluro Swan pendant from the 'Dinosaur Designs' warehouse sale.
In fact, I enjoyed wearing it so much, that I'd like to wear it again tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

You ARE a "hoot"! You must have added at least 3 pounds to your weight with that pendant & necklace. But the Magical Dress appears to be quite maybe nothing changes on the scale.

Glad you're feeling perky enough to go to school. Why not just wear the dress all week?

see you there! said...

Great colors in the print. I'm confused about the sleeves tho. In the first picture they look full and elbow length - in the second they look short.

Nevermind, I'm confused about so many things.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Rebecca - I have totally given up weighing myself, even though the scales still linger in the bathroom. I can't quite bring myself to turf them out. I'm sure that will come in time.
Hi Darla, I think that confusion is actually the only sensible state of mind.

Quryous said...

I really love the colors in this Freis dress; the necklace takes it to another level, too. :)