Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Time Loop

I've always been A Stickler for Correctness. It's The Martinet side of my personality.

Anyway, I need to correct a Technical Term from yesterday's entry where I walked you through a 'Star Trek' episode I've never seen. At the time of writing, I said that the inhabitants of the Starship 'Enterprise' were stuck in a Time Warp.
I was wrong. Of course, The Time Warp belongs to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.
The correct term is, 'Time Loop'.
Thank you, dear friend & colleague, Trixie Drew who made the distinction this morning after I arrived at my desk in the staffroom. During our conversation, Trixie also revealed that there was also a Seminal 'Dr Who' episode, starring Tom Baker with the same plot. Clearly, The Time Loop is popular in Sci-Fi Shows.
I hope that this doesn't mean that my life is becoming a Si-Fi TV Series.
Perhaps it's always been one & I hadn't noticed.
I must start thinking of a Suitable Title.
' My Favourite Martinet'?

Not twenty minutes ago, I came breathlessly back from 'Boot Camp'. My brain, revived from gruelling sets of boxing & running up a hill that felt like I was running up The Great Wall of China which I believe is v.v. steep as well as one-handed push-ups (admittedly on my knees) , went immediately into overdrive. In a twinkling, I opened my web browser & discovered the exact name of the Star Trek Episode: Episode 18, 'Cause & Effect'.  And to my great delite I discovered that Kelsey Grammar-School guest starred in the episode. You can see him in the picture above looking like he's about to offer Captain Picard a plate of scones. I'm standing behind looking like The Perfect Martinet.
Talk about a Time Loop


Tina said...

Dear Della,
I've never commented before. I, too am middle-aged.

Love the outfits and I understand the passion for style. I'm a juvenile probation officer in the US.

xx Tina

Rebecca said...


Hope every little thing is OK. I need my Della Fix - and SOON!

Anonymous said...

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