Wednesday, March 13, 2013

If I Was Part 2

Hello & Welcome to Turning 60.
To celebrate, I'm dressing up as my Favourite Women of all time.

 I actually would have hated to have been Bette Davis.
What a life.
All that fighting & flouncing.
Although I would have liked to have said, 'Fasten your seatbelts, we're in for a bumpy night'.
Maybe I could say it anyway.
But I must say that I love wearing her eyebrows.

 Talking of eyebrows, I absolutely adored wearing Joan Crawford's.
She really knew how to Give Good Eyebrow.

Lastly, but not Leastly, it was such a privilege to wear the Queen's diamonds. I particularly enjoyed the tiara, although it was a little heavy.


Rebecca said...

Happy 60! How DID you DO that? What fun.

Rebecca said...

You really must hop over to this spot - if you haven't already discovered it. I think you are officially eligible. There are some GREAT characters there!

see you there! said...

Happy 60th. I liked all your photo play versions but in truth you are the best example of 60 I can think of. Inspiring - except I left that year in the dust some time ago.


Trixie Drew said...

I like the Queen but my two favourites so far are Joan Crawford and Hilary Clinton.

Nisse said...

Happy Birthday with lots of love from California!! xox nisse

janavi said...

God, you are good with the photoshop. Happy Birthday!!
Mine is the 22nd and I am older than you, so don't despair.

Anonymous said...

Classic. If you were, we wouldn't be reading about your daughter's cat's advice. Shame for the world. Happy Birthday to yous