Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If I Was

 Did I mention that I'm turning sixty this week?
Well I am.
I can scarcely believe it.
And what a time I've had.

To celebrate, I've given myself a v. special treat by dressing up as some of my Favourite Women Over 60.

 What would have I been like as Secretary O'State, Hillary, I wonder? I'm sure it wouldn't be any more demanding than having Year 8 last period on a friday afternoon or supervising a group of Year 7s whilst they're waiting for their Cervical Cancer Booster Shot.
One thing's for sure, though.
I certainly wouldn't wear Matching earrings & necklaces.

 And I'm sure I'd be terrific on The Red Carpet.
Except I certainly wouldn't wear Bright Yellow.
I look enough like a canary as it is.

But I think that, despite all the fab Jewels & wonderful outfits, it would have been a pain to have been The Duchess of Windsor.
Imagine having to spend decades of your life trawling around the major pleasure spots of the World on yachts & luxury liners accompanied by an adoring husband  who gave up his Crown for you?
Even if he was an infantilised whining toad.


Rebecca said...

In the end, being ones' self (howEVER you punctuate ones) seems rather attractive -- although live spent in pleasure spots on luxury liners DOES have a certain appeal....

Rebecca said...

"life", I meant