Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm Not Just a Thief of Other People's Intellectual Property

Hello & Welcome to My Frustrating Little Life.
For weeks I've been making the above video as a little celebration for Turning 60.
When I finally completed it, I anxiously uploaded it to YouTube.
It took ages not just because I couldn't find the Upload Button (or is it Icon?).
It took sooo long that I rang my internet provider to inquire if I had Connectivity Problems, which I know has been a problem in other areas of my life, like Relationships.
But no, I didn't.

Anyway, finally it uploaded.
But then a Nasty Notice Appeared telling me that I was using content owned by EMI (the song, And She Was by Talking Heads) & that my video was blocked in Some Countries (which turned out to be two French-sounding places that I'd never heard of, no offence to the French).
I became Alarmed.
But then I decided to ignore the notice after acknowledging that in fact I was using content owned by EMI.
Mea Culpa.
For personal reasons that I can't possibly go into now, I totally loathe Copyright.
If you knew the reason, I'm sure you'd understand & not think that I was just merely a thief of Other More Important People's Intellectual Property.

But the Other Snag is that I can't seem to change the Syndication Settings for the video (sorry to become suddenly so technical) & now it won't play on mobile devices or iPads.
I can't stand it.

Above is a Deleted image from the film.
I couldn't work out a way to use 'was' in the sentence as all the other sentences in the film start with 'If I Was....'.
And  'If I Was Doll Hair'  just didn't sound right.
Also, it looks like I've got a giant Cold Sore on my bottom lip which I don't have but it was created by the Magic of Photoshop & I couldn't be bothered trying to fix it.
I do hope you can manage to watch my film.
I guarantee that it's Kind of Worth It.


Trixie Drew said...

How fabulous! It looks amazing. I need to watch it again because I was overwhelmed with images and am not sure yet who my favourites are. It's a wonderful piece of work. congratulations!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Trixie, your remarks mean so much to me! You know how much work I put into the project & I'm thrilled u liked it.

see you there! said...

Well, that was FUN! Like Trixie I am going to give it another view because there was so much to look at.


janavi said...

Fabulous!!! Very Cindy Sherman.