Thursday, April 3, 2008

An Hour upon the Stage

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I've been teahing Macbeth. It's been going on & on & on, culminating with a viewing of Roman Polanski's creepy 1971 film version. Of course I end up getting sidetracked & telling the class all about how Polanski's wife, the beautiful actress, Sharon Tate was brutally murdered while eight months pregnant along with a bunch of other people by evil Charles Manson & his crazy hippie followers. The murders happened a couple of years before Polanski made his version of 'Macbeth', & the more I see the film, the more I think it is about Charles Manson & his brutal reign of terror.
My cheery 15-16 year old girls all take it in their stride & happily munch on chocolate 'Tim Tams' while watching catatonic Lady Macbeth furiously trying to scrub the blood off her hands.
My favourite bit of the play is the 'tomorrow & tomorrow' soliloquy. I've done drawings on the whiteboard to go with the speech. I've got the 'Life's a walking shadow' bit, the 'poor player who frets & stuts his hour upon the stage'
I'm wearing a v. bright outfit to counteract all the doom & gloom. Every bit of it is from the local thrift shop. I go there just about every day & it's starting to get to get out of hand.
Maybe I'm losing perspective. Becoming addicted to buying whole outfits that people have either died in or thrown out, all for under $8. It's certainly cheap thrills.

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Deborah said...

I love your illustrations, especially the "tale told by an idiot". And your wardrobe choice for the day seems highly appropriate.