Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Foxy Friends

Persistent rain can be depressing. It's been raining here in Sydney for twelve days. But saying anything negative about rain is almost blasphemous because of the drought. It still makes me feel lousy, though. Yesterday I stayed indoors most of the day with Fox News coverage of the Pennsylvania Primaries on mute in the background. I don't know what possessed me. Probably the rain.
After a while, I became fixated on the Female Foxy Talking Heads, so earnest, so talkative, although I couldn't actually hear what they were saying. But what really sucked me in was everyone's ability to pull these amazing faces, particularly the blond whose face was like a big rubber ball.
And their outfits! As I said on my flickr site, they acted as Style Inspiration in Reverse. After watching them I headed for my wardrobe to put something else on. Sort of made me feel better. And a little more smug.
But, as usual, the 'Bitch Fairy' was never far away. This morning, I was reading The Thoughtful Dresser & there was a posting about poor old Liz Hurley, who at 43 was complaining that the media only want to see her in a bikini. All sorts of enraged (I guess) middleagedwomen responded with nasty remarks about C list celebs, rampaging egos, maniacal self-obsession & underlying low self esteem (sounds like me without the C list). And then someone else piped up with a reminder that it is women who are the most nasty about other women. It made all the other comments, that up till then I was quite enjoying & agreeing with, look really stupid & awful.
Reminder to self: Don't be Such a Bitch!

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