Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Breezy Travelog with Christmas Lights

It's friday morning in Los Angeles, but the Real Time for Me is actually 4.36am on Saturday morning. That is what the time is in Sydney. So it feels Slightly Fraudulent that I'm waking up & it's only friday. But I can live with Fraudulence. After all, I've lived with it for most of my life.
Oooo.... I must get rid of that Nasty Tone. It simply won't do. This is supposed to be a Breezy Travel Log with Christmas Lights, not a dreary visit down Resentment Lane.
Perhaps a series of Elegant Numbered Points will lighten me up:
1. Everywhere I go I'm surrounded by Xmas Lights. It's like a Major Xmas Pageant in everyone's frontyard. Where do they get the energy & also the storage to make these huge displays, I wonder?
I particularly liked the American Flag I noticed in a house in Santa Monica.

2. Marge & Me went to the wonderful Skirball Center (NOT the way I would normally spell CentRE) on Sepulveda to see Kathleen Turner in 'The Graduate'. That's one of the things that I really love about LA. The Names. La Cienaga, Sepulveda, The 101, The 405, Ventura, Marina del Rey, Venice. I could go on & on. But I won't because I've got to rush because we're going off to The Thousand Oaks Mall to Macy's.
Note I'm wearing a gigantic Toy Gold Necklace that I got before I left at 'Bednobs' I'm wearing it with yet another of 97 year old Aileen's shirts & a little Fairy Skirt which is perfect for a 57 year old woman to wear. Always Nothing if Not Age Appropriate.

3. Here I am quickly shovelling down a Chicken Caesar Wrap at intermission. I totally Loved loved loved the play even though I've seen the film many times, the first being in 1968 straight after I finished an important end-of-year exam called The School Certificate. Back then, I was soo disappointed I didn't look like Katherine Ross who played Elaine, but try as I might, I just couldn't grow long straight black hair or develop a forehead like hers which I thought was brimming with Beauty. My forehead at the time was Brimming with Blackheads. But that's a whole other story.
After watching Kathleen Turner playing Mrs Robinson so Magisterially, I am now desperate to play the role myself, particularly if I was just reading it into microphones which is how they did it. There were no distracting stage directions or props, although there was a v. clever person on the side who made all the sound effects like the clinking of ice in their glasses right on cue. I could never do that job because I'd go to pieces with the worry of it all.

4. Here's Marge eating her Chicken Caesar Wrap at intermission. She looks model like in a v. lovely long shirt.
5. I was dragged along to The Sierra Canyon School where Marge's son, Edmond attends for a talk on How to Sit for the SAT's. I was desperate to attend because I thought that maybe celebrities, like Alec Baldwin or the Kardashian's might be in the Parental Audience. Sadly, they weren't. Instead, there were a whole lot of Concerned Parents.
I was dressed up in my newly thrifted from 'Bednobsetc', Country Road mainly wool double breasted jacket with a large plastic red mouth pin.

6. Here's a back view of me you don't often see. I don't either. I was shocked.
I'm hopping down some stepping stones at The Gamble House in Pasadena. Note I'm wearing grey, a colour I've recently embraced, even though I used to think that it was the colour of fear. I totally love the horizontal striped leggings which are not shown off to their best advantage in this photo, but I'm sure you get the drift. Who said that Horizontal Stripes were Bad?

7. Marge in a Reflective Mood at The Coffee Bean in Malibu. Please note her v. old little pin of a painting of a lady's face. It is a Real Corker.

8. Here's what happens when you don't really believe the temperatures on the stove. This mess started out as four individual Stuffed Apples. But, under the intense heat, they disintegrated. I am now desperate to make the Perfect Stuffed Apples.
9. I just couldn't help but photograph this numberplate while I was on the 405. We were crawling along at a Snail's Pace & Marge saw it.
I'm not sure why we have to LOL, but why not?


Rebecca said...

Sharing the continent with you! How sweet it is. I breezed right past Fraudulence (though I DID think it would be a fascinating blog header "Living with Fraudulence"...) I was tracking with you until it came to #6.I got to thinking about back views and couldn't stop thinking how shocked I'd be to see my OWN! I'll have to come back later to read the rest of the post.

It sounds like you're being treated royally, visiting all the right places and eating some healthy foods - chicken wraps, etc.

Enjoy! And stay away from Resentment Lane!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Rebecca! I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday time time! I do so love being here.

Glad you'd also feel shocked looking at The Back View. It was quite a revelation for me!